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Drop B tuning on Floyd Rose (floating bridge)?


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  • Drop B tuning on Floyd Rose (floating bridge)?

    I see all these threads about Drop D tuning, however Drop B seems to be very similar but with different gauge strings? I'm planning to do a Drop B tuning soon, what should I be aware of?

    Also... without needing to buy d-tunas or Hipout, is it possible to do Drop B tuning on a floating bridge tremolo?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    yes, it's possible. if you use .10s for standard, you'd probably want to go up to .11s (.12s would also work, but would feel a bit tighter than you're used to). you'd only need a d-tuna if you wanted to be able to switch instantly from C# Standard to drop B...otherwise, just set it up the way you normally would, adjusting the trem springs if necessary, and if you want to, set the fine tuner for your 6th string to give you enough range to go between C# and B.
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      I use 12's for my drop b'd guitar> its not a floyd rose, but I regularly have my Floyd rose guitars in drop C with no problems. If you going to use 12's though you may find you need another trem spring otherwise all the strings might go flat. Unlikely but just thought I'd add that.
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        cool. excellent, now all I need are 11 or 12 gauge strings. without needing a professional to set it up haha. Thanks!