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  • OT: Your Practice Method

    Scales, Review, New Stuff, Jam out

    don't forget your metronome or drum machine!

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    I just play to backingtracks or to a song when playing at home.
    It's boring to play without bass & drums.
    So we try to rehearse as much as possible...
    And it's got to be loud ;-)
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      I go to rehearsal, we run the set.

      That's pretty much it.
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        I am really lazy about this. I run up and down scales while watching TV sometimes. The rest of the time, I just play whatever I feel like.
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          Practice, what's that? All my practice time is spent here!
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            Play what you enjoy playing. I try to push myself and experiment with new fingerings or scales, but if I get bored I switch to something that is fun to play. I try to work myself into a "trance", which is when songwriting ideas suddenly start popping out of my fingers.
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              I go to rehearsal, we run the set.

              That's pretty much it.

              Me, too. Same thing at home, though I run through about 5-10 new songs a week and work on hard solo sections.

              Unfortunately, I feel like I've been at a brick wall for the past year. I think it's time I do something about it.

              If someone has a specific practice regimen, please post it here. I'd love to see what players do to advance their technique.

              I'm hoping _Pete_ or Alchemist will chime in (or Rocco)...
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                When I get in a rut(same old songs over and over), I cruse UTUBE and the like and play along with anything that has a beat and guitar lines I can hear. Found a lot of fun songs that way.


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                  You know you're in HCEG when practicing is considered offtopic

                  I don't have a specific routine, I should though. Usually it's just playing whatever comes to mind, trying to find new riffs/melodies to use in songs, or practicing the difficult parts of a couple of songs I really want to learn to play (currently Eric Johnson's SRV and Dream Theater's Overture 1928).


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                    Lately it's been:
                    Wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank, wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank, wank,wank,wank, (learn new song)wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank, wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,wank,

                    The incentive to practice in a coherent and determined fashion comes and goes for me. During the times when I'm *not* coasting, usually have a few particular aspects, technique, theory, songs, that I'll break down to the smallest possible bits and practice slowly and meticuously.


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                      I haven't 'practiced' in years...
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                        I don't practice mechanical things.

                        I take jazz lessons during the school year, so during the week I'm working on whatever my teacher assigns me...reading/playing the head, chord melody if applicable, getting the changes down, and then I put the progression into Band in a Box or jam over somebody's version of the track to practice soloing.

                        I like to the HC Sticky Jams, that helps me as a player. And I'll learn tunes when the mood strikes.

                        I'm more interested in developing my ear and melodic content than raw technique.
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