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  • El Degas Guitar

    what model, year, etc? I thought Coyote Shivers had one like this ??

    I havn't seen any of these models before so information is appreciated..

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    Not familiar with El Degas at all but that sure is a pretty guitar.
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      MIJ late 70s very early 80s.
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          El Degas were a Canadian market label and from what I understand owned by B&J out of New York. The one in the photos would be Japanese made dating from sometime circa 1980, and if I remember correctly was called the Studio model. Does it have a serial number? The first or first two numbers are probably the date ie 81 would be a 1981 guitar. Given that Shivers is from Toronto its entirely possible he played an El Degas guitar. As to which Japanese factory made it that's another question.
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            Electromagnetic pickups convert the vibration of the steel strings into electrical signals which are fed to an amplifier through a cable or radio transmitter.

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              I just bought an El D


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                Hey there,

                I own approx 30 El Degas guitars and have scoured the net for info on them - there's not a ton of substantial info on them.

                As was posted on the thread, El Degas were imported by Beugeleisen & Jacobsen of NY, NY for the Canadian market. They ran the full gamut from not-so-great bolt-on beginner instruments that just look the part (sort of) to really nice higher-end stuff.

                Yours is likely MIJ - the headstock logo style is consistent with their Japanese stuff; could have been made in any number of factories in Japan. There's really no way of tracking that.

                Later the brand was sold to Kaman music and the manufacturing moved to Korea (not sure if the two events directly corresponded) ; and for some acoustics, Romania - not sure when in the history this occurred.


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                  Here is the matching bass that I own.

                  BTW - the guy I got this from out in Ontario said it may have been from the bassist of Arcade Fire... eh, maybe, maybe not; but it's a great bass all the same.


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                    And here is a matching guitar - lesser model, though - bolt-on BUT it does have stock Dimarzios and phase switch! Sounds great.


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                      Nice cat

                      ...and nice guitars,


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                        Nice cat

                        ...and nice guitars,

                        Thanks - I have a LOT more of those El Degas guitars as well - more than my wife would like me to have

                        I've actually had constructing www.eldegas.com on the back-burner for... well, a very long time. I plan on putting all the history and model information I have together for people like the OP. Other things keep taking priority, however!


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                          those Maxon p`ups were uesd in early Gnecos...they made the logo change to Greco mid 70s.
                          it wasn`t me


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                            those Maxon p`ups were uesd in early Gnecos...they made the logo change to Greco mid 70s.

                            Interesting info, thanks man ! Before I pulled the strings off the guitar when I got it, I plugged it in to see how it sounded. The pickups seemed all right - about like medium/vintage output, more than expected anyways. If they don't squeal, I'm going to keep them !