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Best Bridge Pickup(Humbucker) For Strat

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  • Best Bridge Pickup(Humbucker) For Strat

    Im looking for a good all around humbucker that is the most versatile to do all kinds of rock.

    Im thinking a Custom 5, Pearly Gates, or JB.

    Any suggestions?

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    Those would work.

    I would go for a JB or a DiMarzio Super Distortion.


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      I think the JB sounds great in my Strat
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        i went with JB's in two of my strats with great results. the split sound of a JB is very decent, at least as good as most stock singles, anyway.:thu:
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          Checkout my line of handwound pickups.
          I'd suggest either the PUFs or BG Dark.
          Clips and info can be found at www.bg-pups.com/hb.html
          I also offer a forum member discount.
          If you have any questions feel free to contact me as I'm happy to help.

          Bryan Gunsher
          BG Pups
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            Consider a DiMarzio PAF, it comes in different versions according to the tone and output you are looking for your Strat, see here
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              The JB in my Strat is OK---it's VERY hot, and it overpowers the other pickups. When playing at gig volumes, I can set my guitar volume to 9 at max, before getting feedback.

              I honestly wish I'd gotten a less hot pickup...


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                Pearly Gates
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                  Suhr SSV+ or DSV. Great all arounders that split well. Mix well with singles, unlike a JB.

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