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Grover Jackson era Washburn appreciation

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  • Grover Jackson era Washburn appreciation

    I almost hate to let this secret out of the bag.. It could cause demand to go up and then prices, but they are so good, I gotta share and hear what others think.

    For those who dont know, during the 90s Grover Jackson joined Washburn and they churned out some amazing guitars.
    They were made in USA and had an asian line too. The USA ones were top notch built with top notch components.

    I had a friend tell me about these and I tried one and now they are my favorite players. I have a couple MG130s which are Steve Salas signature models and a MG104.
    They have Jumbo frets, Schaller floyds, Duncan pickups and play like a dream and sound amazing. And the best part, they are reasonably priced.

    My Salas' are set neck, have Duncan cool rails neck/mid and JB in the bridge. I changed one to a Custom 8. Mahogany body and set neck, rosewood board.
    The MG104 is bolt on and has Duncan 59 in the neck, ssl5 mid and Custom custom in the bridge. It just sings.. Alder body, quilt top, maple neck

    Here are the Salas'
    Blue one:



    Any of you other MG owners, how do you like???
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    Can't vouch for the Salas, but Washburn USA makes a seriously fine guitar IMO and has done so for the past fifteen years or so. The four I own just seem to get better with age.
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