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Best pickups for a semi hollow?

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  • Best pickups for a semi hollow?

    I recently ordered a hagstrom viking reissue (should be here soon) and I'm thinking about up grading the pickups. I'm just looking for something that's going to compliment it. What are considered THE quintessential semi-hollow pickups? I was also thinking about putting in some P-90's something like seymour duncan phat cats or maybe some pure 90's...

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    Duncan 59s


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      i put some gfs dream 90s into my white falcon copy, replacing the copy'trons that were in it and it sounds amazing. i can also recommend the gfs nashvilles. but seriously, the dream 90s are gretsch heaven in a semi...
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        P90 types, PAF types, or Filtertron types will all be great, depending on what kind of tone you are looking for.


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          ...What are considered THE quintessential semi-hollow pickups?...

          I have no idea. I liked Seth Lovers on a semi-hollow I had. Amazing sounds.


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            Need a pic. P90's without knowing what it looks like.


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              GFS 59/90 pair, push pulls for split, series, and reverse phase.
              I liek it.


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                I strongly, very strongly suggest GFS Dream 180's. I'
                m getting a Epi Dot soon and will have these installed.Cross of a PAF and a Filtertron/Best of both worlds.

                Clean clips from an SG w/ Dream 180's. Very clear and crisp tones, lots of prescence
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                  can someone tell me what GFS stands for


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                    can someone tell me what GFS stands for



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                      The best pickups are the ones right before the bar closes.


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                        TV Jones Classic Filtertrons are cool if you want to sound a bit different from everyone else.


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                          Send a mail to Bryan at BG Pups, (see my sig), the man is brilliant..

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                            I don't know - that's a toughie. The P-90s I had in an Epi Wildkat sounded pretty good, but I'm still a humbucker girl when it comes to semi-hollows. What kind of music do you plan to play with it? For the blues, jazz , and vintage rock, I'd say Seymour Duncan 59s. If you want to play Fusion, metal or hard rock (ala 70s Rush, or Nickelback, etc.), I'd say Seymour Duncan JBs or Gibson Burstbuckers. Me, I'll stick to the Super 58s in my Ibanez 335 copy.
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                              Gibson 57 Classics