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  • WASHBURN EAGLE - Wing Series

    Anyone any idea how much these are worth?

    I have a 1980 model Washburn Eagle in very good condition which I recently aquired, all the MOP, 5 piece thru neck, split coil humbuckers. It's the best guitar I've ever played without a doubt.

    I just never see any anywhere advertised for sale....?

    I'm just real curious, has anyone else got one? Please let me know...........

    Pics available if anyone is interested...........



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    I would LOVE To see some pics of that guitar. I don't own one, but the music store where I worked in college sold 'em and a buddy of mine bought one. It had (I think) a walnut top with a 5-piece neck through construction, maybe maple/walnut. This has been probably 25 years ago, so I'm a little fuzzy on the details. I was playing a Les Paul Custom at the time, and I honestly preferred the Washburn. I borrowed it for several gigs and it was just outstanding. The only problem was that it weighed about 12 tons.


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      I've seen a few on Ebay, I think they only fetch about five or six bills. The consensus seems to be excellent matsu guitars that weigh a ton. And of course they don't have Gibson on the headstock which hurts the resale.
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        Definite cult following. Quality guitars. The Wing series bass is great too, about the dubbiest sounding thing I've ever played.
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          The Guitar Gallery might be of interest.
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            Here we go, should have some photos along with this thread.....

            There's quite often a mix up on eBay with the Wing Series guitars, they all seem to get confused with each other. Myself I've only ever seen one Eagle on Ebay or for sale for that matter.

            You've got the Raven & T-Bird which are bolt-on necks then you have the Hawk, Falcon & Eagle. The Hawk & Falcon having 3 piece thru neck and the Eagle having a 5 piece. The Falcon & Eagle have split-coil humbuckers and the Eagle alone has the MOP inlays to the body and headstock.

            I've only ever seen photos of Nancy Wilson, Rik Emmitt and the fella out of Abba with an Eagle.

            Reason I bought the Eagle was that I'd had a Hawk when I was at school back in 81 and loved it, then I sold it like a fool.

            Had problems uplodaing photos so please email me if you would like me to send them to you, likewise if you also have one of the Wing series.

            My email address is lucodesign@hotmail.com

            Thanks again for the info & help




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              I've got an Aria Pro Urchin around here somewhere... really unique body style. Kind of like a BC Rich but not as evil looking. At some point in the future, I'd like an exact copy of the body made up but with mahogany and a AAAAAAAAA (or so) flamed maple top, hardtail bridge, and so on to build up into a complete beautifully unique guitar.

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                Here is one I found on sale. $700. What do you think it's worth the price?


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                  www.diamondstrings.com usually has a few of the Washburn wing series for sale.


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                    I had a Falcon.. Mine was not impressive,, it would not play or stay in tune at all.. Had to tune it constantly...
                    It was well made, but mine was a mutt... I seem to recall it sounded decent... Traded it in the mid 80's for a battered 10 foot rowboat that was worth maybe $50-75... The kid with the boat almost crapped himself. His eyes were like grapefruits when I opened the case ... He grabbed that guitar and ran like hell!..
                    Actually at the time I didn't care , the guitar had almost no resale.. MIJ guitars at the time were considered crap... Even Matsu's,,,Around the same time I bought a gorgeous white Ibanez SG copy for $60 at a garage sale, as well as an old 100 watt all tube Magnatone 2x12 combo amp for $5 .. worked too.. I sold it for $3 at MY garage sale because it had no reverb... what a blockhead,,, Wish I could find that kind of stuff today... bob
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                      My good friend owns a T-Bird he bought new in the early 80s, cost him a little over $200 w/a tweed covered wooden case. Its a really great guitar.
                      Perfect multi peiced maple neck 4 bolted onto a nice slab of mahogany, wonderful almost perfect intonation, good sounding humbuckers. Yea its basic, but extremely well made. One of the best guitars Ive ever been around.


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                        I was actually watching out for an Eagle or a Falcon not too long ago, never found the right deal before my GAS focus shifted to something else. But from watching eBay prices, I calculated that $400 or so was about right for a Falcon, $500 or maybe a bit more for an Eagle. That one for $700 seems a little steep.

                        Still would like to pick up some kind of Japanese circa-1980 neck-through someday if the right one comes along. I kinda have a hankering for one of those ones with more toggle switches than the cockpit of an airplane, though -- an Ibanez Musician or one of those Aria Urchins. Not the highest priority for me at the moment, but if one falls into my lap ...


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                          This is a 3 and a half year old thread.......................................


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                            No, I respawn it again by my actual question. As far as I see I won't get that Washburn unless the seller reduces the price a bit.


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                              Wouldn't mind finding one of these for cheap in a pawn shop or CL.