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  • Warmoth Strat Idea

    So I have a vision for a warmoth strat I want,although i am not sure what kind of wood to use.I am shooting for a dual humbucker no pickguard rosewood fretboard in olympic white. Any ideas for what wood I should use for the body+neck?

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    Mahagony, if you like your tone dark.

    Or alder for brighter tone.


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      How does alder meld with humbuckers?oke:


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        How does alder meld with humbuckers?oke:

        According to Warmoth: "(Alder) is reputed to be most balanced with equal doses of lows, mids and highs."

        I think it would do well with humbuckers.
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          Nothing wrong with Alder.

          I've been considering a Warmoth Swamp Ash body and all maple pro neck.


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            alder body what about neck+fretboard??I was thinking rosewood for fretboard not sure about neck.


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              Nothing wrong with the ol' tried and true maple neck.


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                Alder body and maple neck works great.
                That was what my former Kelly had, and it had amazing tone.
                What sort of hardware will you be using, though? That's a big part in tone, as well.


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                  I could tell you this from years of playing Strats. With Single Coils I always liked the Alder/Rosewood. But wiyj a set of humbuckers I always liked Ash/
                  Maple. I just fell that good humbuckers like SDs or whatever sound absolutly CLEAR with the ASH.

                  And for my money I like a Transparent finish where I could se how good the Grain is. Also be aware of the weight. Keep the body around 3.5 or under.

                  I notice that Fender always offers their Ash body Strats ay a premium price. Always an extra $100. or so for a Ash body. If your worried about TOO CLEAN [won't happen with hunbuckers] then go with a Rosewood board.

                  Just my two-cents. My Warmoth Strat also has a FMY on top of the ASH. NOT to clean, I picked up this Ash Maple Fender yesterday. Best sounding Lonestar I've owmed and this is my forth since 96. The Tex-Specials and SD Pearly Gates Plue sound incredable in this Ash Lonestar.

                  I'll show you the Warmoth too while I'm on Photobucket

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                    I want to do a warmoth. Too many cool options I can't make up my mind.
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                      I just priced out a Jazzmaster build on Warmoth this weekend.... I think that's gonna be my B'day present to myself this year....
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                        I would maple cap on a mahagony body and a rosewood neck! The cap it real thin and will not change the tone much. Mine has a walnut body with a bucker in bridge.
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                          How does alder meld with humbuckers?oke:

                          Good, but it still has that bright chirpy strat sound. Mahogany definitly darkens the tone a lot.
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                            I am actually putting coil splist on the buckers. So I can shoot for a strat style sound but also go for something a little more humbuckerish too just can't decide what the perfect wood would be.


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                              How does alder meld with humbuckers?oke:

                              Well, considering all Jackson USA guitars are made of Alder (well, most of them anyway)....
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