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  • rocktropolis.net - a better soundclick

    awright duders, since i just realized i have no real work to do today on account of clients owing me **************** and i'm kinda bored ... imma knock this ****************er out. (as mentioned in jj's thread)

    just bought rocktropolis.net (the term "rocktropolis" being an inside joke with a buddy of mine for, like, 10 years. don't think too hard about it) which is where it'll live.

    it'll basically have similar features to soundclick - create yer account, log in, manage your tracks. i reckon i'll track listens and all for, like, a basic "charts" bit, but we'll see how things go with a soft launch sometime tonight. won't be any commenting or anything (no point in letting people just hang out there) - it'll just be for music.

    the only catch? it's gonna be invite only, as it's really just a favor to you guys (and any of my homeyz otherwise that wanna use it). to get an invite, you gotta ask me. that's it.

    awright, off to work. if there're any features aside from the obvious basics, lemme know. and if you want an invite to the beta - post in this thread.
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    Let me in please!
    Originally Posted by GordonFreeman

    Seriously now, are you all so IQ challenged that in 50+ pages no one yet stepped in to get it over and move on? Wow.
    If you STILL laugh at more poncho/**************** sauce posts, you must be medically brain dead. And by that I mean very, very stupid.


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      i hope you screen fools really well so it doesn't become douchebagtropolis.net

      wait, that means i can't join


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        I want to check it out.
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          pm sent
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            i hope you screen fools really well so it doesn't become douchebagtropolis.net

            wait, that means i can't join


            just post invite requests here, guys. once the structure's built, i'll come back here and PM invite codes to everyone that asked and provide the instructions to get in.

            this is gonna be rad!
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              I promise to behave.


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                Can I get an invite please?
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                  I'd love an invite..Thanks.
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                    An invite would be awesome. I've been thinking about setting up a soundclick to put stuff here, but this would be better


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                        me too please
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                          please include me~ thank you!
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                            Please include me too. I have a feeling this site could be really epic. Also, it would be a great motivator for me to get off the snide and start creating music more.

                            Thank you for your consideration.
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                            I will be a ****************ing legend someday. Get used to it.

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                              I'll take a code. :-)
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