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Humbucker that looks like a single coil?


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  • Humbucker that looks like a single coil?

    I'm looking for a Strat-sized humbucker that looks exactly like a singlecoil pickup. All I can find are "blade" style ones or pickups with 2 rows of adjustable poles.
    Is there anything that looks exactly the same as a regular Strat pickup?

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    There are various "stacked humbuckers" on the market. Something like this maybe?



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      Yes, there are various "stacked humbuckers" on the market.

      Yup. Google "stacked humbucker".


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        Are you looking for humbucker sound, or something without noise. There are several noiseless options that look like regular pickups. Duncan has a couple that have pole pieces instead of rails, but with the exception of their active livewire, they still look a bit different.


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          DiMarzio,lots of people make 'em
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            Well, look into the HS3 Dimarzio.

            Just because Steve @ Dimarzio designed it for Yngwie, people wrongly assume they will sound like him if they use it. Not true. I just installed another one in my axes - especially the neck of my '90 Ibanez RG 760. True stacked humbucker in a 'regular' single coil shape. POW!!
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              I'm looking for the humbucker sound, not just noise-cancelling. Singlecoils just sound thin to me and don't have all that warm mid-range fun going on theat my humbucker-equipped guitar does. For me. Plenty of other players can rock singlecoils and do it well.

              That Duncan STK-S4 is just a noiseless singlecoil-sound pickup. Is the Yngwie model an actual humbucker-sounding pickup? If so, then YAY!