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Xaviere XV-900 Semi Hollow review & Comparison


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  • Xaviere XV-900 Semi Hollow review & Comparison

    I tested these guitars in 4 different

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    Epi Dot (new)
    After the Ibanez, I picked up an Epi Dot. This poor guitar must have been on the Guitar Center sales floor for a while because it was kind of beat. The knobs were loose, and one was missing. The neck pickup was brighter than the ibanez. The bridge was also brighter than the ibanez, very twangy, but a bit harsh. The body felt fairly resonant, though not as resonant as the Ibanez. The action was a bit higher than the Ibanez, I


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      Overall appearance: 6/6. The first had a great flamed top, but too many flaws. The 2nd had no flaws, but had no flamed top either.
      Overall fit & finish: 3/8. The first was a disaster. The 2nd had 1 loose knob.
      Overall playability: 7/4. The first played well except for a lot of fret buzz that could have been fixed with a setup. The action on the 2nd was great with no fret buzz, but the lousy fretboard and lousy frets make bending very rough. On both, I absolutely love the neck. The


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        Beautiful, except that there's no flame:

        Nice artsy pic with no flash.

        Close-up of the body:

        some un-explained shiny spot on the fretboard & some filler around the inlay:

        flat frets

        beautiful flame on the back.


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          I think you did a great job on the review but one thing you have to keep in mind is the price on the xaviere's aren't they only around 200 dollars ..You really can't expect perfection on a 200 dollar guitar ive seen 1,ooo dollar guitars with worse flaws for 200 dollars if it plays good and sounds good its a great bargin..Although i have to agree it is silly to have that great veneer on the back and the less attractive one on the front this had to be an oops at the factory...
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            A lot of work went into that post. Thank you.


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              Thanks for this informative comparison and review! Sorry to hear about the shortcomings of the Xaviere; but glad you were able to work around most of them.
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                Thank you very much for taking the time and effort for such a great review and post!!!


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                  Great review, thanks!


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                    Yes, thanks for the effort on that review.

                    I've bought and sold two Yamahas in worse shape than that.

                    Nice looking house. Perhaps you should've bought something far more expensive.

                    Man that sounds ****************ty. Sorry. But, still.
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                      Thanks for the reviews. I think the XV is beautiful, even without the flame. In fact I think I like plain top vintage bursts like that better than flamed... reminds me of the '60 ES-345 I used to have. I have an AS73 now ...an outstanding value for inexpensive semi-hollows.

                      Congratulations on the new guitar! Enjoy!
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                        Epi Les Paul Semi Hollow
                        This guitar didn


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                          10 out of 10 for the post! One thing I hope GFS addresses in future batches is that horrible looking rosewood. All of the pictures I've seen of rosewood fretboards just don't look pleasing at all. Maybe if they just stained those white spots out it would be better, but it just doesn't look high-quality to me.
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                            Wow - I was right on the fence about ordering one, and I'm gonna stay there for a bit. I can't really see the flat frets, and the plain top looks great to me.

                            But the misaligned pickups in the first are really shocking. Very surprised that that shipped out.

                            That said, the white and black hollowbody looks so great - and GFS just seems like a good company that wants to please, so that really goes in their favor (while Gibson and Fender seem to want to jack up prices - and I have 4 Gibsons and 3 Fenders.)

                            Thanks for taking the time to do that!

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                              I've bought and sold two Yamahas in worse shape than that.

                              ...while in the course of reading that review.

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