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  • F-spaced humbucker recommendation

    Sorry to resurrect this oft-flagellated necrotic equine, but the search function on this forum is close to worthless. I'd like to install a humbucker in the bridge of a Strat-style guitar (I have an HSS pickguard). I take it I need an "F-spaced" pickup. I'm looking for appropriate tones for blues and classic rock. The neck and middle are Keystone noiseless SCs, which I believe to be in the medium-output ballpark. I'd appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!

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    "F" space is recommended but not written in stone or anything.FWIW...DiMarzio calls them "F" space but Duncan calls them "trem" spaced. IIRC, both companies over their buckers in that space if required.

    The Duncan JB is an "old school" "hot" humbucker staple and should be able to cover the styles you mention. You might consider that one. What I like about this bucker' is it can work well with a 250K pot which is the typical value for a Strat type. Generally the higher the pot value the brighter. That can be tough because your typical bucker uses a 500K which can make singles sound harsh and spikey in an H-S-S cinfiguration.


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      I will suggest the Dimarzio Paf Pro. Great for lots of styles and would balance well with your other pickups volume wise. As far as F-spaced pickups you could use one, but you don't have to. I have gone both ways and don't think it makes a difference sound wise, but there are those that disagree so to each their own.


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        So the F-spacing doesn't really matter? That opens things up--thanks. And thanks for the suggestions.


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          So the F-spacing doesn't really matter? That opens things up--thanks. And thanks for the suggestions.

          F spaced/trembucker aligns the pole pieces under the strings. does it matter? i dunno. but i'm not taking any chances. its not like there's an added cost.

          for a strat, i'd check out the Dimarzio Anniversary PAF. depending on how hot you want, maybe an SD JB.
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            if you want vintage output try the dimarzio air classics

            also, fyi to clear up some questions between f spaced and regular

            What is F-spacing?
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              To balance with the single coils (using 250k pots and the sound you want), definitely a Duncan JB will do...


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