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Which pickups for doom?


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  • Which pickups for doom?

    I want to turn my backup guitar into a Doom machine

    What pickup do you guys recommend for some crushing doom riffs?
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    did you ask the guys in The Doom Room:

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    That's what she said.

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      Some use SD SH4 and SH2s. Don't play a lot of Doom myself though, but I'm pretty sure a medium output humbucker is pretty standard.
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        ideally a medium output pickup, but really any will do


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          There are soooo many flavors of doom. So as JoJo states, really any will do the job.,at least provide a starting point to where you want to go. I prefer low/medium output PAF style pickups with A2 magnets. I can get a dynamic, lively vintage tone. Is there a certain tone you're trying to emulate?
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