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1974 Telecaster worth $3500?

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  • 1974 Telecaster worth $3500?

    I went to GC today and in a glass showcase they have a 1974 blonde tele with original hardshell case.It looked to be in near mint condition.The price tag says $3495 and today they had the 15% off if you trade in a piece of gear so it would so it would be $2970.Do you think it is worth it?
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    Sure, it's from the 70's, and getting harder to find. But 70's Fenders were very hit and miss. As in investment, it would certainly make money in the long run, but I think it's pretty ridiculous that folks are paying a premium for Fenders of that era just because they're old.


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      If you are asking if that is the going rate, yes it is. If you are asking if they are worth it, no they aren't.
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        In a word, no.

        They're rare because so many people smashed them, because they were THAT bad.

        Get 5 good used MIA or MIJ teles instead.


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            I'd say no.


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              70's Fenders are the reason 60's and 50's Fenders became so sought-after in the first place.


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                I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I was recently in a vintage shop here in town that had a 70s tele... It was a dog. Damn.
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                  My cousin has one from the early 70's and it's been an amazing guitar. He bought it new at GC Hollywood. I don't think that CBS messed with the tele very much in those days. They are just like they are today. Most are good. Some are great. Some are dogs.

                  But I saw a mint condition Tele Deluxe in natural ash from the same period go for $2200 at Wildwood not too long ago. That seemed like a good deal.


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                    Not everything that Fender made in the 70s was a dog. A lot of them were, but not all of them.

                    Play it. If it really grabs you, it might be worth it. You probably won't make much money if you decide to flip it, but you won't lose money either.


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                      I've yet to play a decent 70's Fender. When I lived in Tucson this GC by me had all of these 70's and early 80's Strats and Tele's and none of them were decent, but of course they were selling for quite a premium.


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                        I played a '71 the other day - absolute magic!


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                          Try it. If it plays well, get it.
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                            Yes, I reckon it is actually worth that as long as it is in good playable condition and is pretty much all original. An original case helps an old guitar keep its value too. But $3500 for a clean 1974 Telecaster with original case is about the going rate. Though it is up to you to decide if that is how much you want to spend on a Telecaster.


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                              depends....'74 is sort of the "cut-off" year for good vintage strats and teles.

                              i have played some REALLY good early 70s teles. and i have seen them as high as $5k.

                              i would rather have a nice early 70s tele for $3k than one of the new relic reissues....
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