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Lubricating guitar tuners?


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  • Lubricating guitar tuners?

    Lubricating Tuners? what to use and what the bests process? no need to get all randy and crude im just asking about guitar tuners.. is there a best process to do this or is just a spritz of Wd40 ok?
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    Check stewmac.com. They have some products that you can use. It's called guitar grease. I think it's a graphite product maybe.
    Personally I'd steer clear of wd40. I'd be afraid of it seeping out and staining the wood. If you can access the gears just a small dab of vaseline from the end of a toothpick would do the trick.
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      WD40 is not an oil. If you are going to use oil 3in1 would be much better.
      Light grease will be the best. I use stuff called Reel grease for fishing reels. Has no oder and it's clear low viscosity . Any sporting good shop should have it. Cost about 3 buck for a tube.


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        If they are sealed tuners, there's really no need to lubricate them. If they aren't, then yeah, maybe a dab of vaseline or something would work.
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