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Yamaha SG 2000 tune o matic replacement


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  • Yamaha SG 2000 tune o matic replacement

    I have a very early Yamaha SG 2000 serial 001404 cherry
    and I desperately need a new bridge I've been trying to get a roller type but I cannot fine one anywhere
    Millions of LP roller tune-o-matics where the post spacings are 73.5mm I need a roller tune-o-matic with 76mm post centres...I'm breaking strings left and right not only top E's but low E's and everything in between...
    Also can anyone recommend a good neck pickup to achieve amazing sustain..

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    If you are breaking strings at the saddles,check for burrs or rough edges an sand them smooth,bridges can last an awfully long time with out being replaced.

    Case in point.

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      My post from the older thread, in case you missed it.

      Contact Yamaha directly, using the link/telephone number for whatever country you're in.

      I got a very quick response on a new set of pickup rings for my '79 SG2000, from Yamaha UK.

      Not sure what the problem is with your neck pickup. The sustain on the neck pickup of my SG2000 is outstanding.

      It sounds like it maybe needs a good pro setup?
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        I have an SG 2000 bridge I'd part with, but it's missing a lot of the gold color. Vintage 79'.


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          mmmmm....old thread is old.......
          Good trades with DCinDC and Used666

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