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Rondo site hacked


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  • Rondo site hacked

    Google diagnostic...

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    Ridiculous! I was just there this morning and didn't noti
    Rest in peace, Leopardstar


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      I just saw that warning earlier today. Uh oh. Hope Kurt doesn't have to raise his prices to hire better web developers.
      Originally Posted by The Eristic

      Enough with the name calling, you insufferable twats.


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        Hmm. I got "spoofed" at work, which apparently means somebody stole my email address. I had been on the rondo site everyday for a few days.
        Ordered an AL-2000 this morning, guess I better check my credit card.
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          ok... But why is there a Guitar Center Banner on top???
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            I thought that it was a result of my new malaware protector, but I guess not.

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              Angry Oompa Loompas want their face paint back. oke:
              Originally Posted by wedgehed II

              Instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, NASA should send a probe to this thread.


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                my mcaffee siteadvisor flagged it today too when I visited. Then I told it I wanted to look anyway lol
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                  Yeah, it gets flagged by Firefox as a bad site....
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                  Originally Posted by rgorke

                  I had this dream last night (seriously I did) about Ed and we were hanging out and he said the key to his tone back then was the Schlitz Malt Liquor.


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                    As soon as they got those sexy lizard burst al 3000's they get hacked


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                      If you're using Linux - it doesn't matter.

                      Just don't give 'em your credit card # over the interwebz - call 'em and do it the old fashioned way.


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                        I would hope that someone has contacted Rondo and let them know this happened.
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                          I'll bet dollars to donuts it wasn't Rondo's site that got "hacked", it was one of the ad servers hosting a malicious ad.

                          Either way, Google doesn't currently have it flagged, and those new guitars look sexay.


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                            Better looking than Gibson's Melody Maker sunburst finish!


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                              Originally Posted by Rampage

                              **************** cleans, play distortion?

                              Originally Posted by RiffDaemon

                              The scratchy high-end sounds like a wreck in Excitebike

                              Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

                              I had a nightmare experience like yours, Nerine, when I was in my late 20's/early 30's and was doing the tag-team thing with my buddy over the toilet. Now that was something----

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