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OT: 2 years! I am grateful and proud


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  • OT: 2 years! I am grateful and proud

    Today is my 2 year w/o alcohol anniversary!! Feeling like tooting my own horn a little ( I would if I could!)

    Kinda proud cuz i have also been dealing with an undiagnosed health issue that has made me wonder if I am going down at times. Pain.

    But the strength I have gained has pulled me thru this and the loss of many friends in the last year and several family members. Lost my mom after an indescribably painful fight w/emphysema. DON'T SMOKE! PLEASE!

    And MUCH lighter note I have saved enuf from the booze to buy my 3 top guitars and my Mesa! All the small stuff really adds up!

    Just happy today

    Originally Posted by GW348

    I just let the pee flow. The places I play, no one notices or have peed themselves too.

    RIP Wayne Murray

    **************** YOU CANCER!!

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    Originally Posted by caveman

    I'll bend over backwards to make things work but I'll be damned if I'll bend over forwards.

    Digital Me


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      keep on the strait and narrow.
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      Originally Posted by notjonahbutnoah

      I'm pooping. I post here a lot while pooping.


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        Great job.
        Some original songs...

        And some cover tunes...


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          You should make a series of songs about your alcohol addiction..... oh wait no dream theater did.


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            You should make a series of songs about your alcohol addiction..... oh wait no dream theater did.

            How did Dream Theater know about benzem's addiction???
            You have the right to free speech, as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it. -- Joe Strummer


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              Congratulations, hopefully you'll continue on the the alcohol free road.


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                Congrats on your perseverance and the much better use of your money.
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                  Congrats on the accomplishment! Good job.
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                  Originally Posted by Mike Eldred, Fender Custom Shop

                  The discussion about nitro (and many things on forums like these) is largely based on folklore, innuendo, and assumption that it "sounds better". Poppycock.


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                    Originally Posted by The Eristic

                    Enough with the name calling, you insufferable twats.


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                      I just finished a beer on the sun deck before I sat down to take a little surf.

                      I congratulate you thoroughly for giving it up. Too many people have a problem with it (and/or many other things) but continue to say "I can't quit". It infuriates me if I think about it but I have learned to just walk past it and not to waste my energy on people who can't make good choices for themselves.

                      You're already ahead of so many people...AND you have a Mesa!!

                      Keep it up!
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                      Originally Posted by StankNasty

                      the dream isn't in your parents' basement


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                        Im proud of you man. Its in my blood to drink but i have pretty much kicked it to. I can proudly say in the last 4 years i haven't got drunk. I have had an occasional snort but no drunkness. It cost me to much money and to many friends.
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                          Keep doing it man, I'm drunk now, it hurts over time.


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                            Congrats !

                            I'll be two years clean of nicotine in two months.


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                              Good man - keep going and don't ever look back.
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