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Samick guitars??


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  • Samick guitars??

    Anyone own one? What are your preceptions and experiences?

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      i've never really liked samick guitars,

      but last night i started to play a bass of my friend's - a samick. I was stunned. It plays as good and the craftmanship is as good as any Fender MIM model.

      Maybe he got lucky? I dunno. But it rocks my world.
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        Samick makes guitars for several 'manufacturers'. I think, not 100% positive, but going by feel, they make Dillon, Tradition and maybe Raven West. Or at least selected models for those and others.
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          I heard a rumour a while back that the PRS SE guitars are made by Samick and the S.E actually stands for Samick Edition, maybe someone could shed some light on that? Awesome guitars none the less


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            I saw somewhere that the SE stood for student edition


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              Samick make "S" serial number Epiphones and are generally very decent quality. Expect a good guitar....but nothing special.


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                Ive got a Samick Royale, changed the pickups to GFS Liverpools...I like it alot...well built, solid...the electronics arent the greatest..but I changed the pots to split the coils anyway...
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                  i was under the impression that samick factory made the guitars for Schecter, LTD and the PRS SE
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                    I played at Samick at our last show.

                    I also took a Jackson SL-1 to the same show. The Samick (modded with EMG 85's) actually sounded better than the Jackson so I played the Samick for the last two sets.

                    Go figure...
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                      I Own A samick and i love the hell out of it. although i dont know what model it is or if it is actually a samick. it has emg 81/85 pickups and it has a wilkinson bridge and a flamed mapletop
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                        Originally posted by HungPhat
                        i was under the impression that samick factory made the guitars for Schecter, LTD and the PRS SE

                        That's my understanding as well.


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                          I own two. Both of mine were made in Indonesia.

                          Added P90's and it's all good.


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                              Samick has multiple factories, in multiple countries, and make and have made guitars for MANY brand names, so it would be hard to compile a short list. Also, many companies will switch sources for the same model from run to run, so something made by Samick for a while could easily be made by Cort or whatever factory the next go round.

                              PRS SE guitars say clearly on the back of the headstock that they are made by World Music of Korea, but maybe they are a Samick company, or a division of Samick. The Dillion folks claim to have their own factory, but a lot of off brands claim this as well, so I find it dubious. I am fairly certain that Dillion uses the same facility as MIK Tokai(which may well be Samick-anyone know?)for some of their guitars, as in their own dealer literature they sent to our shop, some photos clearly show guitars labelled Tokai.