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Whats the best string based on price, how long it lasts, and sound quality.


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  • Whats the best string based on price, how long it lasts, and sound quality.

    Ok so I have been thinking about this one for a while now and wanted to get a bunch of people opinions as to what they think and use. By the way I am sure this one has been done somewhere once before but I just wanted to get some feedback for myself from others.

    3 catagories are.

    Electric strings- I find that for all of my electrics DR's seem to be the best string on the market as far as price sound and longevity goes. I usually pay about 6 or 7 dollars a package and they don't seem to rust or turn brown after a month like other strings I have used. I think they sound good and they are very nice to bend with.

    Classical strings- I have tried alot of different classical strings and I honestly think that the Martin classical strings are probably the best string if don't want to spend alot of money they are about 5 to 6 dollars a package. However after recently switching to Savarez classical strings I have decided that I will not longer put martins on my classical. Sure the Savarez cost 13 to 15 dollars a package but they seem to last longer than the Martins, and they definitely sound better, so for the extra money it seems worth it.

    Acoustic strings- Ok so once again I would have to say that if your on a budget the martin acoustic strings seem to work great and are generally around 6 or 7 dollars a package. However I am a really big fan of the Elixir phosphur bronze nano webs. I don't like the polywebs because the coating it to thick. But on the Nano webs you I don't have a problem also the phosphur bronze seems to pick up a little bit of what seems to be lost by the coating. Generally the Elixirs are around 13 to 16 dollars a package but they seem to last quite a while and they are much easier on your fingers. Ocassionally I have noticed the coating comes off the strings and makes a mess but this is more so with the poly web vs. the nano web.

    Any input would be great this is just my opinion and my findings over the years.

    By the way I hate Ernie Ball strings and fender bullets, the both seem to dull out in sound and corrode after a few weeks even under minimal playing.

    Also all my findings are for minimal playing maybe a couple hours a day on different guitars. If you gig steadily or use the same guitar for an extended period of time you may find different results. Please do share them. Plus there are so many strings on the market I haven't had a chance to try and price them all. These are just the ones I found most effective that I have used or use on a regular basis.

    Either way please share with the rest of us your opinions.
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    I've never had a problem with strings corroding. My other guitar player however kills strings much sooner than I. People's individual skin acidity and chemicals do crazy things to strings.

    I use Ernie Ball and love them. If they don't work for you it doesn't mean they're junk. It just means they're not the string for you. By you I mean any individual. I'm not trying to start a fight with 02-fatboy.


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      Thanks for this thread and your excellent post. I find that the type of guitar that benefits the most from having excellent - and expensive - strings are the classical (nylon). That's where it really makes a huge difference between a cheap set and the most expensive ones. The sound, dynamics, clarity,etc. simply can't compare. I just recently decided to switch to Savarez Corum Alliance strings on my nylon and I can't put that guitar down. A joy to play and hear. They cost four times as much as the cheaper set and worth every penny.

      For electric flatwounds, i like thomastik Infeld. and for other electric, i don't really know what the difference it makes. i use EB these days. As for acoustic, I just have been using D'Addario Phosphore for so long, i just can't imagine switching to something else.
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        Yer i love my ernie balls. I use the 9-42's super slinky at the mo, will move onto 10's soon. As for my acoustic i use a brand of strings that no one has really heard of.They are cheap and don't smell! Some acoustic strings start to smell up your fingers ya know.


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          I use Ernie Ball 10 to 46 on electric and Martin Phos. bronze 12 to 52 on acoustic.I have alot of guitars so I usally buy in bulk thru Musician friend.


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            Elixer Nanowebs and Polywebs


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              My fingers corrode strings very quickly, so I'd say Elixer Nanowebs win out in all categories. I can get months out of them depending on usage, and they feel and sound very close to regular strings. If you've got several guitars and my not be playing some of them frequently, they're a real godsend. On my acoustics I'll occasionally put something else on (particularly if I'm recording), but I still use the phosphor bronze nanowebs 90% of the time. For electrics I don't see myself ever buying anything but Nanowebs.

              On my classical guitar I just buy D'Addarios. I use that guitar so rarely it's literally years before I change strings. I don't really have any brands to compare to.
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                D'Addario for everything.
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                  I use DRs exclusively I don't play acoustic or classical, so I have no opinion there. I don't like EB or D'addario strings at all. When my local shop is out of DR 10-46s, I use Markleys.
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                    I like the Markley Blue Steel. They aren't very expensive and they seem to last me about twice as long as others in the price range. They sound and play just fine.

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                      Right now I just use pure nickel string on everything, whatever brand is available. I really like the sound and feel of those. I use Phospher Bronze on my acoustic.


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                        For electrics I find that pure nickels last longer then nickel plated strings. I used Daddario's for a long time for nickel plated's. I prefer dr/snake oils/fender strings these days ; whichever the local shop has in stock.


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                          I bought a whole bunch of those really cheap string packs from Sam Ash when they were blowing them out a couple months ago.

                          Like $.50 a set.

                          They are pretty darn good. Those MF el cheapos are good too.

                          I buy cheap strings.
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                            What can i say, i love my Ernie Balls! I use Hybrids (9-46) on my trem guitars and Not Evens (12-56) on my non trems.

                            for acoustics i use D'Addario Medium Uncoated 80/20 Phosphor Bronze.

                            I've never had problems with corrosion on Ernie Balls. Maybe you just live in a humid climate, corrosion happens easily with humidity.
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                              SOB or Pyramid

                              Snake Oil strings last almost as long as they take to get

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