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AUGUST SPAM Thread! If you can't be with the guitar you love,SELL the one you're with


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  • AUGUST SPAM Thread! If you can't be with the guitar you love,SELL the one you're with

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here! All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    Also, help keep the length down. Please don't bump this thread with the whole quote + "Still here" shtick, and don't post an update unless you delete your original post.


    If you see something you like, make an offer please. (not interested in trades at this time though, unless for maybe a looper pedal)

    PM me with questions. $15 FedEx ground shipping on all guitars to lower 48 states only unless otherwise stated. Sorry, will not ship internationally.

    1996 Fender Sambora Standard Strat - Lake Placid Blue, comes with gig bag - lowered price now $425

    Splittable DiMarzio PAF Pro in bridge, in position 2, it sounds like a single coil strat, position 1, full on humbucker glory. My fav DM pickup by far. 9.5" radius fretboard, med jumbo frets in great condition. Finish is in 9/10 condition with just a few tiny dings and a couple of minor scratches, ask for more pics if interested.

    Has original Schaller made Floyd Rose II trem in great condition.

    Now also throwing in a generic hardshell case.


    Parting out this MIJ Floyd Strat - body/empty pickguard $85, neck/tuners/nut $145. Frets are medium jumbo and in great condition. Great neck on these guitars. Body is naturally reliced. Dings, dents, scratches, this thing was well played for sure. I do not have the floyd or the pickups, so you will need to find those on your own. Only a Floyd Rose II type floyd with the short lock bolts will fit in this floyd cutout.

    Lowered prices: $50 for the body, $120 for the neck.

    M-Audio Studiophile BX8 monitors -
    Brand new condition even have the box, $275 plus shipping. Will post pics soon, or PM me for more info. Great for using with a POD or other digital amp, or to use for your home studio recording station. Will post pics soon:

    lowered price $200 plus actual shipping cost to your zip code.


    1988 MIJ Fender HM Strat. all original. $450 plus shipping.

    Awesome guitar, you won't find many strats with these features: 24 frets with lots of life left, HSS, with coil tap switch, 5 way switch, original stock pickups, the humbucker is a DiMarzio Super 3, created specifically for the HM Strats. Kahler Spyder Trem, one of the best floyd rose type bridges made. Contoured heel, gotoh tuners, satin neck finish. Thin charvel type neck carve. Very good condition with a some minor scratches and one ding below the tone knob. Comes with slighty beat up, but functional case.

    If you want to SAVE ROCK 'n' ROLL, Join The MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!

    **FOR SALE**

    more stuff soon

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    T Rex Twin Boost Double Booster

    I got this in a trade about 2 weeks ago. I played with it for literally 10 minutes. I just got a zvex sho, so one of the boosts has to go. Price is $135 shipped, comes with original box.
    HardWire CM-2 Overdrive Pedal

    I got this about 2 weeks ago, and I only played it for 5 minutes. It's a great overdrive, but I'm more of a fuzz guy Price is $60 shipped
    If you buy both, the price is $175 shipped, I'll also include a RATM Lesson DVD.
    Only trades I would consider is:
    High quality Fuzz pedal
    Wah pedal (Budwah, Colorsound, ect., Sorry not a fan of vox or dunlop)

    Thanks for looking,
    Good Job Guys, Keep it up

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      I have a Roland Microcube. I want a Vox DA5.

      ProCo Rat 2 Distortion, good condish - $65.00 shipped.

      Epiphone 1966 G-400, heritage cherry. One of the knobs is missing the lettering. Light scratching on the back from a jean rivet. Nothing deep. - Trade for a Classical Acoustic Guitar? Something else?
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        New Parker PM20-G

        Got this about a week ago. Has the old hockeystick style headstock as opposed to the new ones.

        A very light guitar that sounds HEAVY.

        I've only strummed it a few times.

        Comes with a gig bag.

        $325 shipped to lower 48.
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          Trading/Selling my 1978 Gibson RD Custom. Its all original down to the frets and includes its original moog electronics (installed). Very good condition (8.5/10), some minor finish cracks on the bottom and dents and scratches here and there. Nothing that effects the guitars playability whatsoever. Guitar has an amazing tonal range. Non original hardshell case in working condition included. Buy/trade with confidence! I want this to go to a good home!

          Looking for about 1200$, but its negotiable/flexible. Buyer pays shipping.

          More pics here!!! Pics of headstock, body, and neck!!!

          Originally Posted by stomias

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            I might be interested in trading my Epi Valve Junior head for a vox valvetronix, let me know.
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              Here's what I have...

              - Seymour Duncan singlecoil telecaster pickup. Potentially a Jerry Donahue model. Says ""96 Duncan, 7.18 ohms" " and 3B (or maybe 3R) on the back. Raised D and G poles. 50 shipped.

              - Gotoh 12 string bridge. Topload and string-thru. 45 shipped.

              - TOG Heatbuckers. Brand new, very cool. 35 shipped.

              Please, no trades. PM me if interested or if you have any questions.
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                Originally Posted by Frets99

                All guitars cost $300.
                What you pay depends on the headstock.


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                  Old and deleted - see new post


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                      FS/FT: 2006 Schecter C7 Blackjack w/Blackouts and mods.

                      EDIT: Tentatively sold, pending payment.
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                        It has a Dimarzio Evo in the bridge and a single volume knob. There is an unwired EMG single coil in the neck just to fill the space and under the control cavity the would was routed away(nicely) a tad bit(not much) to accommodate a 9v battery. This was made some time in the mid 90's and is in excellent condition, it has 1 or 2 tiny lines on the back. they are very very shallow little lines that in sure could be hand buffed out in a matter of minutes. they are no thicker than a strand of hair and are barley visible.

                        It comes with the original case. I called the custom shop and the guy told me he had one jst like mine.

                        he said it retailed for $3700 back when they came out and it sold for $2800.

                        this is NOT of the the skulls and snakes that are in production today.

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                          Morley ABY. A little dinged up but works perfectly. $30.00 shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred. No checks.
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                            hi - i have Duncan Custom 5 for sale - like a '59 on steroids. mint condition, boxed etc.


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                              [COLOR="Red"]*** FIRST ACT GARAGEMASTER - UPDATE SOLD ***

                              Thanks SCHISMED,

                              - Woody
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