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  • Wandre Spazial guitar

    Dear Friends, My name is Pablo, I'm From Buenos aires Argentina.
    In early 60's mi father haves a beatle like band called "Los Buhos" wen they become famous here CBS Columbia has make some arrangement to purchase the full set of wandre guitars for the band (Bass guitar, Melodic guitar and Ritmic guitar), In present time, we still have the Wandre Spazial of my father (please see the pictures at bottom).

    I'm intrested in know the aprox price of the guitar, if anyone of you want's to recieve more photos or wants to know more about this matter don't hesitate in contact me. (also if you are intrested in purchase this guitar)

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    Hello Ebay. Probably worth a lot.


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      Hello slideroni, We're not really full intrested on sell the guitar, My father is curious about the actual value.

      Anyway thanks so much for your reply


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        on Ebay one can look up completed auctions. Google is also your friend. My guess is 2-3 K USD.


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          Hello Pablo,

          I am beginning to think I owe the Bass from los buhos!!
          Contact me for pictures and the story


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            Hi HILLE, I'm already sent a E-Mail to you Today, hope to have news from you.



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              Holy moly-- I just g00gled Wandre Spazial and found a place that had one for sale-- 6215 Euros.
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              I'M BONING MARVINDOG'S MOMZ!!!!


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                Hold on to it, this isn't the best market to sell a guitar like that. Iv seen these guitars go from around 2-5 grand. In years to come that should keep going up.


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                  Wandre made some weird assed looking guitars.
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                    OK, Thanks We're intrested on sell the Guitar, If anyone is intrested please sen me a PM Thanks!


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                      Around $5000 in good working and all original condition.