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Shipping a guitar UPS or Fedex Ground?


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  • Shipping a guitar UPS or Fedex Ground?

    I have to ship a guitar ( well packed by the way) and I have used Fedex ground and Ups with no problems.

    But I have sold mostly local for the past few years and I was wondering if there is a preference for who to use to ship.

    I always shipped insured and just wanted to see who you guys use or if there was a problem with one or the other.

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    I have had no problems shipping UPS or USPS. I haven't tried shipping FedEx yet. I think a lot of people do not like shipping guitars via UPS though, some of their handling is a little rough.


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      I use FedEx more often lately, but wouldn't hesitate to send it USPS either.
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        FedEx ground should be the cheapest of the three (FedEx, USPS, and UPS). I use them exclusively for large and/or heavy packages as they have the smallest upcharges when it comes to these two factors.

        Regardless, it costs nothing to set up an online account with all three where you can figure everything out form the comfort of your home. Choose whichever, print and attach label, drop off at authorized shipping center, never have to deal with person behind counter.


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          I find UPS ground to be the most reliable for ground shipments, and FedEx the most reliable for quick 1-2 day shipments.
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            Fedex is cheaper, so use that if all else is equal. Ship times and handling are comparable.


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              I try to avoid UPS whenever possible do to their rather lackluster track record. If I were sending someone a guitar through the mail I'd use either Fed-Ex or the USPS.
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                how long does fedex ground usually take to ship a guitar? lets say from NY to LA.


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                  Fedex no contest for me. They are usually substantially cheaper and appear to be handled more carefully. Plus, it is really easy to drop it off at a Kinkos/Fedex. They are pretty much everywhere and have great hours.
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                    I used to use UPS and USPS but I think their rates have increased because I just sent a guitar two weeks ago and both wanted around $60.00 to ship with $500.00 insurance. I took it to Kinko's/FedEx and the fee was only $35.00 with the same amount of insurance. I've also noticed that FedEx Ground is quicker in my area(two days to receive a guitar from Santa Fe, NM to Iowa). I'm sold!
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                      which ever is cheaper
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                        FedEx is who I use. Not only are the prices better, but when I walked into the shop the first time the guys working there treated me like an old friend and we've become friends since then. At UPS, the interaction was extremely inpersonal and I was paying more for what I felt was an inferior service. I like FedEx's tracking system better as well.
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                          how long does fedex ground usually take to ship a guitar? lets say from NY to LA.

                          I'd say about 4 days, on average.


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                            It's been several months since I shipped a guitar, so rates may be different, but I have always had the best luck and best prices with USPS priority mail.
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                              It's been several months since I shipped a guitar, so rates may be different, but I have always had the best luck and best prices with USPS priority mail.

                              I ship 2 or 3 a month (and I've been at that clip for a long time now...), and I find the PO to be the most expensive, least reliable, and untrackable. Also, it's just such a hassle. Now, if it's international, then it's the only way to go.