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  • the guitarist that made you want to play

    i'm sure a lot of us had that moment, where we heard an album or saw a show and said 'that's what i want to do'. Mine was a little while coming, i was into Ace Frehley as a kid then Brian May and then Satriani but i just liked what they did and never really decided to pick up a guitar until i went to a Satriani concert and saw his support act and the singer/guitarist blew me away. His name is Jimi Hocking and he was an awesome rock guitarist at the time, he is now a blues guy but his rock stuff back in the day lit a fire under my arse and the next week i went out and got a cheap guitar and an amp and that was it.

    This is him, now much more blues than rock.

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    Zakk Wylde. I first heard him when I was 12 on my way to school, the radio station was playing No More Tears. After that I said "That's it. That's what I gotta do." That was over 13 years ago, and I've played everyday ever since(well not everyday).


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      Mine is a Gen X clich


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        The opening riff to Sweet Child O' Mine. I was about 11 years old.
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          Drake Bell from Nickelodeon... FACEPALM

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            Easy for me to remember, since it was less than a year ago

            On the professional side, John Petrucci

            And from the YouTube brigade, KillrBuckeye

            Even ended up getting the same cheapie guitar model KB has- the Pacifica he switches to about 2:34 in.

            Damn, do I have a lot to learn...
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              Since forever ago, George Harrison. Since I started playing, have barely touched Beatles songs though...
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              http://youtube.com/watch?v=7MG2J0CJnP4 (2:55 into it. No, it has nothing to with guitar or bass but is as much an influence as all the rock and roll in the world)


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                My brother-in-law.
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                  Jack White and Eric Clapton. Hello Operator and Ball and a Biscuit made me a blues lover.
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                    I was already "playing" guitar (in a very loose sense of the word), but Dave Grohl really got me into music and the guitar. I wasnt even a big Foo Fighters fan, but when I saw their Live at Hyde Park concert on TV a few years ago (2.5?) something clicked and I was blown away. He is also a good example of how good music can still be simple (which is what he mentioned once in an interview that he learnt from Kurt Cobain - "Kurt showed me the beauty of simple music").
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                      not sure who got me into picking up guitar but peter green got me into the blues.


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                        ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

                        saw this and never looked back...
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                          Wow, good question -- I think it has to be Perry/Whitford (Aerosmith in general). I was a huge fan when I was elementary school and part of Jr. High. This would have been in the 70s. I heard Walk This Way, maybe in 1975 and that was it. I heard Smoke on the Water soon after, but that didn't have the impact like some good ole Aerosmith had on a 10 year old!
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                            It was Cobain. I was in the eighth grade in 1993 and In Utero had just come out. I originally wanted to play the drums but I was kind of talked into guitar by friends because it is much more portable.


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                              My dad