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  • Peavey Predator Crafted in USA

    Google searched this subject but didn't find too much info, and already checked HC reviews.

    I picked one of these up. Maple neck & FB, black body, white pickguard. No case. It's in decent shape, couple of dings to the wood.

    I was wondering if there would be any reason to keep this original?

    The neck is two piece maple/maple (split down the middle like two halves). Is this neck a good thing/idea? Does anyone else make a neck like this (G&L maybe?)?

    I have no idea of what body wood this is made out of. Anyone know?

    I'm toying with the idea of modifying it, maybe selling the neck and getting an Allparts strathead, Floyding it, etc. But I don't want to hack up something that may become a collector item....yeah right LOL!

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        Not much reason to keep it original if you'd like to change it. Talk to the guys over on the Peavey discussion boards, they're friendly and have a lot of knowledge. Guys who work at Peavey seem to post pretty regularly too. Enjoy the Predator, I've got a Korean model and love the way it plays!
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          IIRC the neck pocket is different than on a Fender so a replacement is not a drop-in affair.

          I had one and I put a set of the GFS Hendrix staggers in it. Sounded nice.
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            I have the Peavey Reactor (Tele model MIA) and I haven't seen the values go up yet. I keep thinking it must be my pot 'o gold for retirement, but the values seem to be staying flat.

            I've always thought mine was a decent guitar for the money (around $230 new) and in fact they were quite a bit better build than the Squiers of that era which were similarly priced, but for some reason they haven't caught on as "collectible" yet.

            I'm upgrading the pg, p'ups and tuners on mine. I've got the p'ups and tuners already, now just have to get that new pg ordered. I'm going to go custom with a black abalone.
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              IIRC the neck pocket is different than on a Fender so a replacement is not a drop-in affair.

              You know you may be right. I did a very quick measure with a sloppy tape measure, and the neck seemed thinner than 2 3/16", maybe 2 1/8". The Allparts neck I had was a perfect 2 3/16", so it appeared to be too wide.


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                yeah peaveys are value-less, but my god are they awesome guitars. especially the older kahler bridges. the real achilles of the peavey predators are the mediocre tuners and bridges, but then again the same is often said about mim fenders. the hardware isnt awesome, but its not awful.
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                  Also, I haven't pulled the pickguard yet, does anyone know how the body is routed? Simming pool? S-S-S?

                  Oh, and just one more-what paint is used? I have a chip to the body wood (the wood is very white, making me originally think basswood?) The paint appears to be black all the way to the wood - no primer coat.

                  Thanks again. You guys are very helpful.


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                    its poplar wood, they didnt use basswood on those models. peavey is known for their poplar bodies. when i pulled mine off it was HSS routing underneath. the paint is polyurethane but its very thin.
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                      I had one and I thought the pickups sounded great, and the neck was the most comfortable I've ever played. I'm thinking of picking up another.


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                        I once intended to drop a Squier II (MIK) neck onto a USA Predator, and they are indeed a different size.

                        The old Predator has a narrow neck, HSS routing, cheap-ish hardware, and merely okay pickups. It's sort of like buying a cheap Asian guitar that was made in the USA... except for the fact that they were VERY well-constructed. They're nicer than just about any budget strat from their era, with the possible exception of the Yamaha.

                        But while they are outstanding guitars (I'd take one over an 80s Teisco in a heartbeat) they never gained the kind of following other cheapie guitars did (like... the Teisco.)

                        Like GAS Man, I was waiting for the inevitable "rediscovery" of the old Peaveys that would rocket values up, but it never seems to happen. I've given up on it, too. The improving quality of Chinese-made CNC-cut budget strats has rendered them as "great budget strats... for the time", but it doesn't seem likely they will ever command big money.

                        So I say go ahead and mod the crap out of it.

                        I've got a beat-up one in the shop which I'm re-finishing and dropping a loaded G&L pickguard into.
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                            I can attest to the stability. My T-30 I just bought last week was missing the truss rod nut and the washer, and it was still playable and darn near spec on the relief. I had to cut a washer flat on 2 sides to get it in there and put a Gibson nut on the truss rod. It's the easiest playing guitar I've ever owned. (T-15's and T-30's are short scale)


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                            Aren't these guitars worth like 60 bucks? I bet mine is worth 20 bucks, but if I get famous it will be worth millions.


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                              Yeah,those older inexpensive USA Peavey guitars/basses are still a great value on the used market.Earlier this year I picked up a clean mid '90's USA built gloss black Fury bass for around $150 and it is indeed a nice sounding,good playing axe.I recently modded it out with a DiMarzio Model P pickup,CTS pots/Switchcraft jack [moved to body side] and cool looking black pearl pickguard.For a bit over $300 total investment,I now have a good quality gig worthy bass that also looks pretty cool.I will probably soon search out a Predator or Raptor guitar to do similar types of mods and tweaking.

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                                Poplar body. Bi-laminate maple neck. I doubt there's a single neck in the entire world that's gone wonky. They're just that stable. Love them, great mod platforms.
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