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are we getting strict on the OT posts again?


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  • are we getting strict on the OT posts again?

    i noticed my winter wonderland post was moved to guitar jam. the reason i posted it here is because this is where ALL of the folks i know are...i've been in the guitar jam forum maybe three times since i've been a member here. it's cool though,,,
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    As far as I'm concerned, this place has always been strictly OT. It just depended on when mods had time to move or delete irrelevant threads that allowed some to seemingly slip through the cracks.
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    Originally Posted by Tweedledee

    Because it was off topic. This is the Electric Guitar forum, not the nutmeg forum.

    Originally Posted by batotman

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    Originally Posted by adlo76

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      My standard disclaimer for an OT thread is:

      "Dear mods, if you feel the need to move my thread, just lock it down cuz I only go to HCEG"

      and yes, I've noticed that the OT stuff has been short lived around here lately. I bet this thread will be gone in 5..........4..........3..........2......


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        This thread needs to be moved to the appropriate forum!!!!
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          If I come across an off topic thread, I move it. But I am not online 24/7. HCEG has always been strictly "on topic" it says so at the top of the forum. If you try to post an OT but request in it that the mods don't move it, that's just annoying and makes me want to move it even more.
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