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  • advice on fender dealer

    can anybody recommend a quality fender guitar dealer in the united states w/ great prices and good service? i'm looking for the equivalent of what shanghai music in oklahoma is to gretsch guitars.

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    Ron's Guitars in Groton, CT will hook you up. Ask for Brian.


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      Fenders don't seem to need much maintenance for me. But I do most of my own set ups. Like bridge adjustments and intonation. And once that's done, the guitar doesn't drift that much.

      Maybe what you really need is a good luthier for modifications if that's what you mean by service. And I'm not sure I'd trust just any old music store to do stuff like this.


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        thanks. i'm actually looking to purchase a new guitar - a 57 vintage hot rod.


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          Elderly Instruments
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            ive been pleased with sweetwater
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              Chuck Levin's Washington Music, Wheaton, MD
              Cintioli Music, Philadelphia PA
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                Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin
                Two of the nicest gentlemen, and most talented people: Mssr's Diezel and Krampe.
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                  I've bought from Elderly in the past and they definitely have great service, excellent shipping.

                  Cintiolis is kinda a surprise pick to me....Russo's in Trenton, NJ would prb be my first choice if I was dealing over the internet & looking for a decent selection of Fender product considering they are a custom shop/showcase/master built dealer (and IIR the only one in the area).
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                    Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin

                    I'll second Dave's.
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