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    Or should i just save a couple hundred bucks and get a mim tele. thanks.

    I love Casinos, but if I was a jobless 16-year-old looking to play garage rock, I'd get the Tele and spend the extra cash elsewhere in the rig.
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      Get the XV-910 from GFS, it shouldn't have feedback issues as it's a semi and it's about half the price of a Casino. Plus, it has better upper fret access


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        I love Casinos, but if I was a jobless 16-year-old looking to play garage rock, I'd get the Tele and spend the extra cash elsewhere in the rig.

        I really believe there is so much trial and error about what works best with and for what. With ebay, Craigslist and the Spam thread there are gazillions of used options out there. The cool thing is if you buy it right and it isn't exactly what you were thinking it would be, you can flip it at break even and try something else. Playing stuff in a store is a great start but it's always different when you get them home with your practice space, amp, setup, etc. I'd look for a used MIK Casino around $400 to play with. If you buy new and the feedback is too much or you're not thrilled you can sell it or trade it and try something else. New guitars are like new cars; you lose a big chunk of the value as soon as you leave the store. Used guitars are like cash, they hold their value as long as you don't screw them up.

        BTW, to your original questions, love the Casino. It works best dirty in my opinion. Ted Nugent plays a full hollow and controls the feedback partially by where he stands in proximity to the amp on stage.


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          Wildkat feeds back a lot less and you get Bigsby.

          We're not in Kansas anymore.


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            Get the XV-910 from GFS, it shouldn't have feedback issues as it's a semi and it's about half the price of a Casino. Plus, it has better upper fret access

            That or one of these.

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              Modern Epis have some cheap crap fittings .They sound far better with total hardware upgrades like Gotoh so buy wisely and upgrade .The bridges and all fittings really are cheap and nasty .The pickups are just OK .You dont realize it until you change it all out .The guitar comes alive .The greats played high quality Casinos etc ,not cheaper copies from Asia .Its not the actual guitar thats poor ,just all the crap thats screwed on it .Even a good tuner upgrade stops some rattles.


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                casino and rock



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                  Don't know if you've seen one of these, but this is a GREAT guitar, especially for the money. It doesn't feed back like the Casino, the electronics and hardware are very good and workmanship is excellent. Sounds like a cross between a Casino and a Ric 330. It was designed by a forum member a few years ago and Kurt from Rondo put it into production.



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                    how are those xaviere guitars? ( the jazzmaster type look pretty cool also)


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                      Get a Tele.


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                        i really do just wanna stay in the garage all night


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                          A Tele is somewhat easier to play than a Casino plus I believe youll get much more out of it in both durability and tonal range. Ive got both an older Casino and an off the wall custom Tele.

                          The Casino is what it is, a P90 hollow body thats great for noise but again, a little bit of a learning curve to it. Listen to anything from the Jesus and Mary Chain after 1988 and youll hear what can be done thinking out of the box with a P90 hollow body (William uses an old Gibby 330).
                          The JAMC tune "Sugar Ray" is a great example. I believe William Reid is the absolute best 330 player alive. The guy ****************s gold with that guitar.

                          and stripped down bluesy through a JCM800

                          With a Tele, you can customize it now and later. It can be dropped, abused, banged on.... and keep trucking. I bang on the Casino to get some noise out of it but not as I would a solid body. Its relatively cheap for a good stock player leaving that much more for a decent amp. For garage band style and sound, you just may be after the wrong guitar with the Casino and probly even anything P90 pick up based.

                          On a side note,
                          wished I had that cash when I was your age to invest in a guitar. I had played friends gear off an on for years till affording an old Epi EA250 hollowbody. It also turned out to be one of the better sounding guitars ive ever played. In other words, the cost of a guitar doesnt mean its always going to play or sound nice. If your dead set on a Casino style, go for the Rondo or GFS version if you cant get a good quality used Casino locally off Craigslist.
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                            acually a main reason ive been dead set on getting a casino is because i absolutly love jesus and mary chain and have seen pictures of william reid with a hollowbody. ive also seen king kahn with some hollowbodys, hence the " garage" tone im looking for.

                            but ill still look around anyways.


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                              That is an oxymoron.

                              I tried one. Horrible. Stick with the Casino.

                              Oh man, you made me cry with that rebuke.

                              Actually, the P-93 is a pretty cool guitar.

                              It has a few drawbacks, like it doesn't do N +M or B + M as well as one might hope (sounds a little muddy in those modes), and it is generally a little phat sounding,

                              But on the upside it's phat sounding!! Think of it as 3 different pickup options plus neck and bridge and then it doesn't disappoint. Casino's are definitely a nice guitar, but you'll need to stick a sock in it.

                              I own an Elitist Casino, the P-93, ES339, ES335, Yamaha SA503 TVL, Wildkat, Gretsch 6120, 5128T, Fender Thinlines ('69 & '72), TC-90, ESP Xtone PCV-1 & 2 Semi-hollow Rickenbackers.

                              That's just my reference for recommending the P-93.

                              But if you have a particularly phat amp, it's not the best choice. But for like a Marshall amp or a Blues Junior, it does some goodness.
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                              Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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                                It sounds like you really want the Casino. You should be able to get a used one for around $450. I had one for years and it was great for garage rock (pretty much what my band at the time played). It's a surprisingly versatile guitar. Dave Davies and Keith Richards both played them--garage rock wouldn't exist without either of those guys.

                                This thread is fairly timely, as my old band recently got back together and I'm now in the market for another Casino.

                                Good luck with your search.