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Yamaha Wes Borland?


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  • Yamaha Wes Borland?

    These guitars look cool, anyone played/owned one? what are they like?
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    that is a very cool looking guitar, unfortunetly as with many Yamaha guitars no one locally seems to carry them!
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      I haven't seen one in person at all, but I love the design.
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      Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!


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        I felt this thread really needed a pic, it is one bad ass looking guitar! For being a non traditional shape I think its great looking, I want one! Its cool to that the back, side and center block are all made out of one chunk of wood!

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          Ah ha... so that's the guitar he used for this:

          ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

          I saw this two years ago, and thought it was one of the semi-hollow Ibanez Talmans:

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          Looks like an amp for old people.

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          kudos to Furtive for a clear and well-reasoned discussion. so rare to see something that has been thought through and presented rationally.


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            It looks like that ibanez and a fender star caster. I want one
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                I like that locking-nut. It looks like a quick-release hub on a bicycle.
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                  I like that locking-nut. It looks like a quick-release hub on a bicycle.

                  I wouldn't be surprised if that were the inspiration.

                  Kahler lock-nuts have a similar quick-release mechanism, IIRC, but with much shorter levers that are consequently much harder to release.
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                    And the kahler clamp nuts were only good for about 2 years of use, then they started slipping. im surprised they still carry them, if they even do.
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                      Let's just say now I don't have GAS for a Gretsch anymore.
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