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Fender Robben Ford Model... What do you know?


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  • Fender Robben Ford Model... What do you know?

    I was listening to this today...

    and it made me think of these...

    The Fender Robben Ford Model. I've never played one, or even seen one in a store, but they kind of intrigue me. Maple top on mahogany body, set neck, twin humbucker, 3+3 headstock, and 24 3/4 scale. It's everything a Fender isn't... but it's a Fender. If you have any first hand knowledge, I'd be curious to hear your comments. How do they sound? How do they feel? What are they comparable to? How well does Fender build a "Gibson"? Thanks.
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    No hands-on knowledge of the instrument, but about that album, I'm positive that there's a lot of telecaster on it.


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      Probably so...last time I saw Robben live ('04) he alternated between a very worn butterscotch Tele and a black Baker. That Robben Ford Fender looks a LOT like the Baker.
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        Originally it was part of the CIJ Master series. Even RF confirms in one of his DVDs, the original pus were not good, switched them for SD.

        Then the Custom Shop began to manufacture them, 4-5 years later closed down the model. They were very expensive and still are secondhand.

        I bought my Guild Bluesbird because I realized it had most of the features from the RF models (except spurce top). I managed to achieve a similar tone.
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          No hands-on knowledge of the instrument, but about that album, I'm positive that there's a lot of telecaster on it.

          I agree. I didn't think the album was necessarily recorded with the sig model. He's just holding one in the cover pic and it occured to me that I knew very little about this oddball guitar and was curious to know more. Thanks.
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            His has an ebony board, block inlays and a plain top. He said that it is chambered to a good extent. Almost but not quite like a semi without f-holes.
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              I saw a used one some years back and played it a bit. Despite its apparent Gibson heritage, it manages to feel "different" somehow. Ergonomically better like a Fender, lighter weight, a Tele-like snap to the strings and tone - takes some getting used to when you're expecting Les Paul. I thought it was a very impressive guitar that sounded incredible but is hard to classify as either a G or F. My dime's worth.


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                I had the squier masterbuilt esprit that is close to the Ford model-I kick myself nearly daily for getting rid of it. Great neck-Chambered body. Smooth jazzy sound. I bought it from overstock for like 150 and sold it for $300. Made money but it was imho worth far more than that.