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The post your pet with your guitar Thread!!!!!

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  • The post your pet with your guitar Thread!!!!!

    Yes, we all have pets and guitars and we love 'em so put them together and snap a picture!

    Here is Fester, my dogs pet.

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    ^ Awesome shot!


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      ^ Awesome shot!

      Thanks man!!


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        That is a cool shot.

        The only one I can think of is this one.

        I've since sold the tele.

        Still have the dogs.

        Some original songs...

        And some cover tunes...


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          No sig.


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            Here's Duke as a very little puppy watching me play:

            And here's Duke (a bit bigger) taking a nap with my Explorer:
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            Originally Posted by GreatDane

            the player plays, but the instrument should inspire.


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                No thanks, my guitar might warp if I get it all wet.
                Too much work keeping my sig up to date


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                  Here's my pug Muffin deciding to investigate my EBMM photoshoot.


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                    Otis looks like a no-nonsense dog.

                    Too much work keeping my sig up to date


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                      Since I don't have photobucket access from work I'm not sure I have the link right.

                      This is the late great Violet guarding my guitars. Her passing thread was on HCEG earlier and was very hard for me. I still miss her a lot. Playing guitar helped me get through the hardest days. I was a lot more emotional then I ever expected to be

                      Originally Posted by Frets99
                      I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

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                        Wow, this is a pretty silly, gay thread... Hold on while I go get my camera...
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                          looks like my dog, Jersey

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                          Originally Posted by The Pope

                          Obama is anything else?


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                            Too much work keeping my sig up to date


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                              My cat Casey and her Les Paul