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    A few days ago me and a friend purchased a novation launchpad from guitar center. We decided today we wanted to return it and they won't allow return because it included some watered down version of ableton with us. Are we being stiffed or is this actually right? Anyone input welcomed preferably from someone that works at guitar center.

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    I never had a problem with that form MF, but I usually do not open the software until I am sure I will keep the product.
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      I never had a problem with that form MF, but I usually do not open the software until I am sure I will keep the product.

      Did you open the software?

      If you did, you may not be able to return it....

      did you try talking to the manager?
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        Opened software not returnable.

        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          Take it back on a different day when someone else is working. Always someone there who will make the transaction go thru. That's a pretty ****************ed up situation as you can't return a piece of hardware do to the free inclusion of a ****************ty piece of software.

          I've have the watered down Ableton as it came with a midi controller I purchased, it's super lite POS software, which is why it is included for free with so many products.

          Also, my product didn't have the software in any package to open. Simply the CD in a paper sleeve, I'd imagine your's is the same. I think the guy doing your return was prob just being an ****************************.
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            Software being watered down or not I can see why they might not accept the return.

            But talk to the right manager and you might be able to persuade them that you were not informed by the salesman that if the accompanying software was opened it would not be returnable.

            If the watered down software was on the driver disc then you might just gotten the wrong salesman. Stand alone disc you probably shouldn't have opened it.
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              I think it's just your GC I bought a pickup from my local GC put it in a guitar...didn't like it....took it back out cut the end off clean and returned it. I hate guitar center they are coporate America at it's finest
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                I. for one, have never encountered a problem when returning a piece of hardware that included a bundled software disc (just returned a Boss ME-25 today).

                I believe the policy refers to an actual software purchase or package.


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                  They tried to do this to me on a firewire interface, I just said it wasn't a software product and I had called their help line to specifically ask if that product was covered under their return policy and they backed me up.
                  I hadn't opened the software though so if you've opened yours you may be out of luck.