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  • NGD: Oh My God, It's Finally Here

    Pics first. You and I both know why we click these threads.

    So this here is my Ron Kirn JM-style, ordered back in January and patiently (kinda) awaited since! Ron's a great guy to deal with. Our email conversation is a good 76 messages long at this point, and he's always fast to get back to me on whatever little issue I feel like annoying him about at any given time.

    Ash body, white blonde finish, one piece birdseye neck (7.25" fretboard, 1.650" nut width, bigass soft V profile), Schaller locking tuners, Mastery bridge, Novak pickups, various other stuff. Just the way I wanted it! It's basically spec'd out such that if Fender were to have introduced the Jazzmaster in 1957, this is what it might have looked like, hence the maple fretboard, single-ply 9-hole pickguard, and other details. I made exceptions for the tuners and bridge for playability reasons.

    Tone report tomorrow since I don't have access to my amps right now.

    Also, sorry for the varying quality and lighting of these photos. This computer doesn't have Photoshop so I couldn't edit them, and I couldn't quite (read: didn't feel like trying too hard to) get the aperture dialed in for the lighting. Oh well!

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    Wow that looks fantastic. HNGD


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      That looks amazing! Congrats to you... and to Ron on the fine looking work.


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        Wow! And we all know why you post these threads:

        (For the boobs)
        Originally Posted by DaveAronow

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          Originally Posted by guitarkid
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          Originally Posted by Alchemist
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          Originally Posted by Rhone
          A lot of time and effort has gone in to 'updating' this site just so that one dude can upload his Nam video from his motel room


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            Very nice... I have enjoyed reading Ron Kirn's build posts... He definitely pays serious attention to detail... Congrats, now go play it!
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              That is one fiiiiiine looking guitar. Congratulations, my friend.


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                Great lookin guitar! Great lookin photos!
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                  That is pertiful.

                  Originally posted by Anderton
                  This thread was just reported for trolling. But, it should have been reported for exceptionally dumb trolling. Due to failing to comply with that technicality, it won't be deleted.


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                    wow, she's a beaut
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                      that looks sen-****************in-sational.


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                          congratulations~ thats awesome!
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                            wow,that's sexy


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                              Lol papyrus.

                              jks man good job.
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