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What can you tell me about the Schecter Strategy?


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  • What can you tell me about the Schecter Strategy?

    On my 17th birthday, when I'll be able to drive, I plan on getting a job. I've got a job lined up for me at the guitar shop where I bought both my Ibanez's. I was looking over their website and their ebay shop, and I came across a used Schecter Stragety for 500.

    The ebay ad doesnt specify what pickups it has.
    Heres what the ad says:

    Transparent Red Finish
    1 Humbucker 2 Single Pickups
    Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fingerboard
    Black Schecter Tuners and Hardware
    Schecter Locking Tremolo

    "Very clean, excellent condition all original Schecter Strategy, circa mid 1980's. "S" serial #1978...We have read that this guitar was from the Dallas shop. These guitars have an imported "Japan" or "Korean" look to them...they may imported some some of the parts and put 'em together, or imported the whole thing complete. A lot of conflicting info about this era in Schecter history. Some of the later Strategy guitars have a pointy headstock, this has the vintage style headstock by the famous company we don't need to mention. Guitar is fairly heavy..weighs about 9.5 lbs and has great sustain.

    One thing we have seen on almost every Schecter post is that the guys that have these guitars absolutely love 'em and have had them since the 80's! We purchased this as part of a collection and it is has been played very little for its age. Frets are VG+ with some wear on the lower half of the neck (nut end), but there is plenty of fret left and they could be dressed eventually if you desire. Minor play wear on the guitar; a few small dings, but no deep scratches, gouges, missing wood or major finish issues...it is excellent for its age. Hardware is excellent; no rusted or frozen parts on the trem or nut! 1 Volume, 1 Tone with coil tap to (split the humbucker) and 5 way blade"

    Experiences please.


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    if its pre-1983, definitely get it, but the Schecters made from 1983 thru '87 were a bit disappointing.

    SOme Texas company bought them when the custom shop couldnt keep up with demand and started using pretty poor imported components in their guitars at this time.

    But that said, the Strategy's are some pretty good guitars regardless.
    Just keep in mind, the mid 80's strat style Schecter's were called the Scorcher, not the Strategy, so you might have a good steal on your hands here.
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      Strategy's started around the mid '80's and went to, I think, 1989. So, they straddle the Texas years and the current ownership (company was bought Hisatake Shibuya, who also owns ESP in 1987). Obviously this one is advertised as being Dallas made, it's probably an early example.

      The few I've played are good guitars (I prefer the Schecter or Anderson PU's and more traditional hardware though). The locking string tree behind the nut has the same inherent little nut binding hassles the Kahler does (the Floyd's locking nut is better placed) and it may be near impossible to get some replacement parts if you need it for the hardware (but the trem is simpler, more straight forward design with fewer parts than Floyd or Kahler..technically this is a single locking system, the strings don't lock at the bridge).


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        Thanks for the input. This weekend I'm going down there so I figure Ill give it a try.


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          I have a Schecter Strategy in the shape of a telecaster. I bought it used from a pawn shop in the late 80's for $100. Best deal I ever made, the parts seem of very good quality, neck feels real nice, stays in tune forever, sounds sweet, action can get very low as fretwork is perfect. This is one guitar that I will never sell.