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Speed knobs or Witch hats?

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  • Speed knobs or Witch hats?

    "Witch" do you like better on a Les Paul?

    One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it.
    Three chords and you're into jazz
    - Lou Reed

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    I have speed knobs on mine but I'm not sure I like them. The other one is not super either.
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    Originally Posted by cratz2

    Your shirt is the manliest shirt I've ever witnessed.
    And the fact that you haven't punched Cockbobbler Chickenguy in the naughty bits for making fun of it proves how much of a stud you truly are.


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        Top hats.


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          in your particular instance....i'd go with the speed knobs....i think they look better...
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            are these Top Hats or Witch Hats?

            One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it.
            Three chords and you're into jazz
            - Lou Reed


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              Out of those two choices I'd say speed knobs for sure; but I think top hats would look better than both.


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                I like the witch hats like the 70s Les Paul Customs had.

                Those are top hats


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                  Those are top hats

                  Ok,thanks! I think I still like witch hats better.

                  One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it.
                  Three chords and you're into jazz
                  - Lou Reed


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                    Top or witch.

                    The speeds just don't look right to me on that one.


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                      I voted speed - but I usually like top hats without the metal on top

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                      Originally Posted by Bob411

                      Nice ass Mrs. Woody.


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                        i think speed knobs are ugly... hats all the way


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                          Whatever you decide put some covers on those pickups.
                          (Various Guitars of no interest but to me)


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                            Toanz is in the knobs.

                            I vote also for tops w/o metal top.
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                              Speeds look nice on goldtops or archtops.

                              As previously mentioned, I like the look of top hats without top inserts.

                              Witch hats just remind me of an ugly part of the 70's. They're like fender amp knobs gone bad.