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July Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>>NoSpamAllowed!!<<READTHIS*

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  • July Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>>NoSpamAllowed!!<<READTHIS*

    Post all hot deals here, but no SPAM. SPAM is for the other thread. This is for insane blow out deals that you find online and want to share with your fellow GASsers.

    If you see a blowout on Music123 on Les Pauls for $99, yes, this is where you post that info, etc.

    You can post eBay links you see too, but the eBay links have to be Buy It Nows, not something that is at $1 and still has 10 days left in the auction.

    The RULES:



    Last month we tried a separate discussion thread, but it's just too cumbersome to have a separate thread, so there won't be one anymore.

    From my observations, the majority of people like to talk about the deals in order to decide if they want to buy something. There's typically just a few loud members constantly complaining about the discussions. As long as the discussions are related to the item in question, then the discussion can stay in this thread. If someone starts whining and causes a big flame war about "too much talking" they are going to get a temp ban. Everybody participating in any flame war in this thread will get a temp ban. Just behave yourselves! There is more to life than this internet thready thing.

    3) All new deals must be posted in RED! Or at least the TITLE OF THE DEAL.

    That will help people be able to filter though the pages of discussion and the actual deal posts will pop right out.

    4) Your personal SPAM is not allowed in this thread. If you post SPAM in here, you will get a temp ban. Then no one will be able to buy your crappy gear.

    I repeat - NO SPAM in this thread. That means NO TRADES, NO OFFERS, no selling or getting rid of your own stuff. There's one SPAM thread already for that stuff.

    And as, alway: there is no whining, bitching, complaining or tantrums allowed in this thread. This thread is only for discussing the hot deals. If you missed a hot deal or you hate Musicians Friend, post about it in an outside thread.

    If you buy something in the hot deals thread, and you love it, or hate it, or it bit you in the ass, then post a seperate thread about it, this thread ain't for heated discussion.
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    Example of all red title post. 15% code at MF is ****

    See. Then people will be able to pick out the deal posts without whining about wading thru pages and pages of discussion.
    Campbell UK-1

    NEA Klon Klone

    Best Guitar Cable money can buy GUITARTEC REPAIR at Barnstorm Music 98 Main St. (Rt. 109) Medway, MA 401 352-4653


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      [COLOR="Red"]Dean VX Electric Guitar $139


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        [COLOR="Red"]BC Rich Retro Gunslinger $399.00 Brand New

        Korean Made.


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          any July 4th coupons from GC?
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          A whole bunch of stuff!

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            any July 4th coupons from GC?

            The Promotion

            The Coupon

            The List(s)


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              [COLOR="Red"]Danelectro Original Factory Spec 1959 Reissue Electric Guitar $229



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                [COLOR="Red"]ProTec Standard Electric Guitar Gig Bag - CF234E - $15.99 plus shipping


                * Rugged nylon interior
                * Thick 15mm padding
                * Exterior pocket for accessories
                * Includes backpack straps
                * Brushed cloth interior lining
                * Lightweight, 2 lbs
                * 18 " (W) x 43 " (H) x 1.25" (D)

                As I understand it, Pro Tec makes a pretty nice gig bag. I ordered 2 of these. Shipping via ground was $7.95.


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                  ^^Thank you.

                  Code AMPEDUP will work to reduce any of the Danelectro Original Spec models by 120.00, so, if you prefer the one known as the Clapton/Blind Faith version, add AMPEDUP to purchase it for 279.00 instead of 399.00.


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                    These were $199 in one of those MF order insert catalogs not long ago.


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                      ^^^ I used the insert and a code and got one for $150 a while back.
                      Harold Horatio Heckuba (Triple H)


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                        I did too, but for $160, and that took some arm-twisting to get them to let me use the code with the catalog price.

                        And for what it is, I wouldn't pay a penny more than the $160 I paid...


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                          And for what it is, I wouldn't pay a penny more than the $160 I paid...

                          +1 Cool retro looks, but not a particularly great guitar. (Yeah, I've got one; got it for about $100 shipped from M123 a couple of years ago in some blowout).


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                            Woodwinds and Brasswinds for those in the vicinity of South Bend , IN


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                              Some things at GC 4th "list" sale:

                              [COLOR="Red"]Jasmine S35 acoustics - $69

                              Select MIM Fat Strats - $379

                              Tascam DR-07 recorder - $99

                              MXR G-66 Overdrive - $29

                              Nothing earth-shattering, but some OK deals...

                              Picked up nothing, myself.