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best tele copy from rondo?

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  • best tele copy from rondo?

    hey guys im lookin to get a tele copy and the sx ones from rondo look good. which one would u guys recommend?

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    Don't pick a tele with your eyes, especially when exploring non-Fender brands. Apart from being a slab of wood in that single-cut shape, every Telecaster model is different from every other one, and you won't know which neck, pickups, etc. is the right rig for you unless you play it first to see how it feels and sounds.
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      just pick up a squier affinity telecaster if you're looking for a cheap tele. mine was nearly perfect out of the box, but that's the exception, not the rule.
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        The checkered double neck dealie obviously.
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          No best is this



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            As far as playability and having some of ea brand, the Xaviere plays as good as an SX. The Xaviere will have upgraded electronics and pickups. If you plan on swapping stuff out anyway, get the SX. If you want a guitar that you won't have to do anything to other than a setup, get the Xaviere. Jay Turser also makes decent Tele copies in that price range.
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            What you pay depends on the headstock.</div>

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              i would say it depends mostly on your preference.

              but the necks are way more comfy than fender or squires for sure. flatter radius (meaning flatter fingerboard) and bigger frets. but back in the day most fenders had 7&half inch radius and tiny frets and there were monster players for sure, but i am much more happy with modern neck specs. bending notes dont fret out and playing fast is much easier

              dont get me wrong i love fender and ive had more strats than any other model guitar in my life.

              just inspect it well and if there are problems rondo is great about swaps/returns.


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                Don't pick a tele with your eyes, especially when exploring non-Fender brands. Apart from being a slab of wood in that single-cut shape, every Telecaster model is different from every other one, and you won't know which neck, pickups, etc. is the right rig for you unless you play it first to see how it feels and sounds.

                Best advice you'll be getting on this thread OP.


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                  I have 2 sx teles and they both have great necks. I'm told it's hit or miss w/sx's, but the 2 teles and 1 strat I have from them are both great playing guitars (that's I've modded into nice sounding, functioning guitars).

                  And fwiw, the stoc X "electronics" are not that great - pickups, usually good, pots, switch, output jack, not so much.
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                    best tele copy from rondo?

                    Well look through till you find the most expensive one and it may be best in terms of parts (Agile). Look at all the online option from all the ones mentioned here and choose based on taste, it's better to get the specs that are right for you than the most high end.


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                      I've owned, over time, both the SX tele copy and the Agile TC-630. The Agile wins hands down, but, that isn't the whole story.

                      Both the Agile and SX had somewhat instable necks that needed for adjustment for humidity than any other guitars I've ever owned. The SX needed some pocket adjustments too to get it setup right as well as moving the bridge. The SX (an early model) had a kind of sticky finish on the neck that wore down OK after a few months.

                      Both were like kits...the Agile a little less so than the SX.

                      I would buy neither again to be honest.
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                        The butterscotch blond squier Affinity Strat can;t be beat for the buck. Every one I ever picked up was great.
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                          If you are going to mod the thing anyway, why don't you check around and see what the best price you can find on one of the CV series Squires? They won't need any upgrades and you'll get a top quality Tele.


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                            Best advice you'll be getting on this thread OP.

                            Yes, it's good info but not what the OP asked for.
                            Golias' post recommends that you not buy any tele copy without playing it which rules out any mail order brand including SX, Xavier, Turser (unless you have them locally), Raven West and a ton of others.

                            As spooky as it seems the best resource for finding good cheap internet only options is this forum. The SX teles are regarded highly as mod platforms, Xavier teles too but with less fiddling needed. SX necks are chunky with big frets and flatter than fender boards.

                            Fender invented the tele but does not necessarily make the best option at every price point. Where it is easy to go try ant Squier or Fender out most rely upon other's experiences when looking at "internet" brands. Don't overlook Peavey, Washburn or Yamaha those may be available for a try out locally too and all can be compared to Fender products at just about any given price point favorably.

                            I had a Douglas tele that sounded pretty good although it was not the best player it was OK. It was also less than $100 so take that into consideration. You can get pretty darn close for pretty darn cheap nowadays.
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                              Squier CV or CVC all the way.
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