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Are Epiphone Flying V's any good?


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  • Are Epiphone Flying V's any good?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before. I tried using the search, but it said there were no relevant threads, which I thought was unlikely.

    Anyways, I'm wondering if the Epiphone Flying V's are any good? There were a few in a used guitar shop near me that were cheap and looked to be in decent shape. What is good about these guitars, and what is bad?
    I'd probably change the pickups and tuners if I got one.

    Whatdya think about them?

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    From my experience, if it plays to your satisfaction, change the electronics (pots, switches, pups, etc) and you have a winner. I have used GFS' upgrade kits before. The Alpha pots are quite good. My Epi's needed full electronic upgrades but YMMV.
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      Hey Donut...check my thread...

      some pretty good feedback and opinions so far.
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        I had one that i really liked, the neck was sticky but i think that's just how they are. They sit funny on you (but all flying vs do)
        if you want a flying v i would not hesitate to get an epi
        great guitars!
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          My epiphones electronics are...fine. In fact many GFS pickups though in other guitars weren't as good as the alnico V hot bridge humbucker in my epiphone les paul gothic!!!
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