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  • New guitar auction site

    Anybody know anything about this?


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    I used to do a lot of work covering e-commerce in a previous lifetime and I can safely say it will fail. Ebay has become the defacto site for auctions online for most people. Yes, many people hate it, but no other site on the planet gets the traffic and sales volume Ebay gets. When I was in this previous life, I'd say a new auction site popped up every two months. And after they were announced, they died a quick, painful death.
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      But...here's hoping that it survives...and KILLS evilbay...
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        looks kinda lame, honestly...
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        2015 Taylor 214ce Deluxe
        2008 Fender American Standard Telecaster
        Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro
        2006 Fender American 60th Anniv. P-Bass
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          It has been removed....that was one hell of a quick death.
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              There are multiple other auction sites that function in a similar fashion...especially for electronics...

              I registered but will not purchase an auction pass...

              How many of these sites work is you bid...but whatever you bid you have to pay regardless of whether you win the auction or not...

              That is how huge plasma TVs can go for $50 and such...because a few hundred (or more) people bid extremely low but all have to fork over the dough...

              This site looks like they rake in the money through the purchase of a pass...where you pay and can bid...but then might not win...while they keep your "buy in"...

              The sites are interesting but I'm leery of some sort of rigging where a program suspiciously outbids you at the last minute to prevent you from actually getting an item at a ridiculously low price...

              I'd imagine this site is set-up with such a "security" feature...considering it is new and I wonder how many people really use it...I doubt they'd let one of those strats go for a $20 "buy in" and a $10 bid with $30 in shipping...

              But who knows...
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                Hi Everyone, Well, I'd like to reply to some of your comments. And by the way, full disclosure, I work for AmpUrBid.com

                Regarding comparing AmpUrBid to other sites out there who sell electronics (such as Swoopo) like you mentioned, I can say that yes, they are not scams, However, they surely feel like a scam. Here's Why:

                1) You Pay for each time you place a Bid (the rate goes between $0.5 and $1), so there's no limit how much you can spend on Bidding alone without ever winning anything.
                2) Each time someone places a Bid, Time is added to the timer clock, and this goes on forever. So you never know when the Auction is going to End.
                3) You're only allowed to Bid $0.01 (i.e. one penny) at a Time.

                What's the result of these other websites? Well, you bid forever because the auction never ends, which mean you could spend Hundreds of dollars really fast and never get it back. So, really it's like gambling because nobody knows who's going to win in view that each person who places a Bid doesn't have control of the outcome.

                AmpUrBid.com is the Total Opposite. Yes, you buy a Pass. But the pass is just like a membership. You pay for membership at CostCo and Sam's Club in exchange for cheaper prices... Why don't you think they are Scams if that's the same concept as AmpUrBid.com?

                At AmpUrBid.com you:
                1) Place any Bid you want just like eBay (not penny by penny), so you are the person who controls the outcome of the Auction.
                2) You Do not pay for each Bid, you just become a member. Once you become a member you can Bid on Any auction as often as you wish without any additional Charges. Even if the Pass expires after a certain period of time, you can still place Bids on Auctions that End beyond the expiration day of you pass.
                3) TIME never gets added when someone Bids - So the auction simply ends when the time reaches Zero.
                4) You always get an Instant Rebate.
                5) No RESERVE prices and Brand new Items.

                Passes just start at $14.99.

                Also, our revenue also comes from advertising, which allow us to provide cheaper prices.

                We are a young but growing company. We have 27 Live Auctions available every day, with a Goal of 100 Live Auctions at the end of the year.

                We are legit. I hope more of you will win many Auctions and start spreading the Good word.