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  • Memphis MG-300

    I found a solid wood electric guitar (I hope you can see the picture) because the picture is the only information I've been able to get about this beautiful guitar! If anybody knows anything about this, please let me know. I've written to Kaman (apparently the maker) and they have no idea (Huh???). Thanks so much for any information anyone can provide.

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    Looks like any number of Matsumoko (sp?) made guitars of the late 70s. Such as Vantage or Ibanez.


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      yep -- back in the day you could buy the memphis brand in your larger 'box' stores... Pergament Stores sold them, as did JC Penney (IIRC, of course...)
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        i played one almost exactly like that in toronto last year when i was visiting my g/f friends. don't remember the name, but it certainly was decent. needed new tuners and a good setup.
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          IIRC Memphis Guitars are owned by St. Louis Music Co. or at least I'm pretty sure they were.
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            Looks familiar:

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              I got mine from CL gutted. All I got with it was the brass nut, back plate and neck plate. Everything else I got from Stewmac (except the knobs). Mines a beast. Solid wood (no ply) and it sounds great.