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  • Fat Guitarists

    Think BB King. Think Late-Era Jerry Garcia.

    Made worse when the Guitarist is also very tall as well.

    Other than going for a huge semi-hollow, do any other "big man" guitarists find they often look like "Fat man, little coat" when playing their electrics?

    Being 6'5 and 350, not exactly rock n' roll svelte. But man, sometimes when I look in the mirror, it's like I'm holding a kids toy.
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    You talkin to me?

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        Leslie West played LP Jr's....

        I can sympathize; I'm not that tall (5' 9"), but I'm wide...


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          Dino Cazares. He's so big that he doesn't headbang...he bodybangs
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          Originally Posted by Reignman

          Don't get me started.......

          Axl Rose?.....I've taken wet ****************s more musical than him.


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            Fear Factory, the whole friggin' band.
            Originally Posted by Annoying Twit

            I've heard that if you suspend a pendulum over a Gibson guitar, if it's fake it will move in a circle clockwise, but anti-clockwise if it's genuine.

            Originally Posted by Mike Fiasco

            I don't have a strat but I'll show up in any thread that says bollocks.


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              Fear Factory, the whole friggin' band.

              Crowbar was too, at certain points.


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                  Fletcher Dragge from Pennywise is a large dude, so he has Ibanez build him custom guitars with larger than normal bodies so they don't look so freakishly small when he plays them.

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                    This is me playing my tele and it looks kinda mandolin size
                    Great Deals

                    Originally Posted by jjpistols

                    Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!

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                      Buddy Whittington is a big boy.
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                        I'm not fat, I'm well rounded.
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                          I'm surprised no one has mentioned Shawn Lane yet.
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                            I'm not fat, I'm pleasantly plump


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                              Buddy Whittington is a big boy.

                              .....wait....that's a normal sized Strat?!

                              Originally Posted by jnurp

                              hearing brokenhymen or whatever they are called makes me appreciate one single note from BB king that much more.

                              Originally Posted by jrkirkish

                              Obama: "The partisan divide is killing this country"
                              Left side of the room: *Standing ovation*
                              Right side of the room: *silence*
                              Obama (later, alone and drinking): *facepalm*