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How Do You Wire Your Strat?


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  • How Do You Wire Your Strat?

    I prefer:
    tone 1 - middle
    tone 2 - bridge
    no tone control on the neck

    I never use a tone control on the neck, I usually roll the bridge back a little, and I'll occasionally roll the middle back some. I hate it when the tone is shared.

    The switching is standard.

    What do you guys use?
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    Tone 1 = Master Tone
    Tone 2 = Blender to blend back or middle into positions where they are normally off.


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      This is what I have on my sc strat. My strat with 3 rails has 3 dpdt on/off/on
      switches wired series/off/parallel with a master vol/tone. I get more sounds out of that one than a hooker has crabs.


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        I have em wired all sorts of ways:

        1. Stock
        2. Stock with the second tone on the middle and bridge
        3. MV/MT, no third pot
        4. MV/Blender, no tone pot at all
        5. Volume, Master Tone, Blender (to blend neck and bridge pickups)
        6. Like #2 but with an On/Off mini toggle for the neck ala Gilmour
        7. Master volume, tone only on the bridge pickup and the 3 way switch only works the neck and bridge pickups.

        I really like having the ability to use the neck and bridge positions. It doesn't really sound as much like a tele as you'd think. It basically sounds like a bridge setting, but a little more full sounding. Great for clean tones where you want it to sound bright, but not shrill.
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          As it came. 5-way switch, tone controls on neck and middle.

          I love playing with the middle pickup, tone rolled right back and the bridge pickup together - I get a lovely fuzzy sound that way - which is why I haven't hooked the bridge up to a tone pot.


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            I don't. I let Fender wire it for me.

            (Bridge PU sharing one of the tones controls with the middle unit.)

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              The way Leo perfected it with G&L: PTB System (see pg. 23)
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                  I don't. I let Fender wire it for me.

                  (Bridge PU sharing one of the tones controls with the middle unit.)

                  Love it. Someone who makes sence.


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                    Mine is a SSS with a Duncan Lil 59'er humbucker in the bridge with 3 push-pulls and a mini-toggle:

                    Master Volume - PP switches neck/mid between series/parallel
                    Master Tone - PP turns bridge SD Lil 59'er from single coil to humbucker
                    Bridge Volume - PP makes bridge pup always on. When always on the bridge pup bypasses the master volume so I can control the volume of the neck/mid and bridge independently.
                    Mini-toggle - bypasses all pots so signal goes directly to the output jack.


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                      2 humbuckers, 2 volumes 1 tone. I might actually take the tone pot out and put in a kill switch or something one of these days on my strat.


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                        Mines stock but I may try a toggle at some point to get the bridge/neck combo. They are so many useful tones with the stock setup though I rarely find myself thinking I wish this guitar could do more.


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                          In series with three toggle switches, and a pull phase switch for the middle pickup on the tone control.
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                            the strat with the tx mex> tone Neck tone Bridge tx mex bridge is very icy with out a tone
                            all the others > standard
                            Electric Cowbell.. meh...

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                              Middle pickup out of phase.

                              Other controls stock.


                              Middle tone rewired to bridge.
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                                [QUOTE=sk8centilli;41469655]The way Leo perfected it with G&L: PTB System (see pg. 23)
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