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Aluminum guitars?


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    My Industrial Indy-8 aluminum lap steel sustains for days. GREAT guitar.

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      I can't imagine they sound good in comparison to wood though I have no real clue. Anyone use done? What are the tonal qualities?

      I'd guess they sound like utter ****************, since all the "experts" here claim that teh tone is in the wood!

      I'd love to try one out. Most I've seen are good looking and I'd imagine they sound like what ever pups are installed. Seems they be more stable too and not so affected by climate and weather.


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        why not just listen to one...the Veleno guitar and Mark Farner in 1974 with Grand Funk Railroad

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          Don't know which sound the best, but the alum strats Fender made were beautiful guitars.


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            Sounds sweet to my ears:
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              The important question though is, do you pronounce it:





              ...or maybe "ah-loo-min-ee-um"


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                wooden guitars are so passe.
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                  Tone is in the fingers


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                    Aluminium I don't know, but LePape's steelbody guitars are stellar - and quite "woody" sounding:



                    ironically, that gives me wood


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                      Eurgh, Americans! oke:

                      Was waiting to see a James Trussart link. Bravo. Beautiful guitars.

                      I know James.
                      Here's a couple of his that one of my clients owns.

                      The apparent "rust" on here is actually sealed in somehow. It isn't rusty..These were brand new when I took these shots. I guess you could say James "reliced" this one. I'll ask him what he calls this.

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                        Mark Farner sounded pretty good back in the early 70's with his Veleno aluminum guitar

                        Not really. Mark's a great player, but I think his tone is pretty bad. I don't think he used the Veleno that much anyway.

                        I bought one of the original Velenos back in 1976 or so. It really wasn't a very good guitar. Had a neck like a sword and a pretty thin, wimpy sound.


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                          Aluminum body with flame maple top/cap?
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                            I had an Aluminum necked Kramer in the '70s, looked cool and sustained like crazy, sounded like crap. My buddy had a Travis Bean, same thing (but his was cooler looking). And once the stage lights hit it, it would immediately go out of tune...
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                              I have a HUGE boner for these Travis Beans that Yannis Philippakis of Foals plays. Aluminum neck and section running through the guitar. ****************ers are supposedly absurdly priced, though.

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                                Steve Albini plays a TRAVIS BEAN TB-500.