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Artec Pickups? are they good?


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  • Artec Pickups? are they good?

    hey i want to know what are the pickups that are cheaper than seymour,dimarzio or EMG..

    but is almost good like them..

    is Artec a right choice or any other? want to know others
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    I have no experience with Artec but have heard nothing bad about them here on the forum.
    GFS pickups are pretty highly regarded for budget pickups here, I have several models and am pleased to very pleased with my purchases. Guitarfetish sells the GFS stuff and the owner hangs out here.
    There is also Rose Pickups, a smaller company who's owner post here too and Kent Armstrong pickups which are larger and maybe a little better known but still have valid budget pickup options.

    BG pups is another HCEG regular. They hand wind pickups to spec and are priced very competitively with the Duncan/Dimarzio type mass produced sources. I am looking into getting some of the humbucker sized P-90s from BG, people rave about them.
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      Some GFS detractors have said it's just Artec stuff under a different name - is if that's a bad thing. but then i hear artec stuff is really good anyway. their pedals are very well-reviewed. never tried them personally but i wouldn't hesitate based on what i've heard


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        I have just fitted a set to an SX strat of what I believe are Artec hot humbuckers sold by axe r Us .I was frankly not expecting such a great tone to be honest .Smooth clean warm but dirty up superbly ,no mud what so ever through my Blackstar.Nickel covers as well not cheapo chrome . Cost me 50 quid with a pickguard post free "Respec dudes" as you young hipsters say .
        Another very good make is Tonerider. I have tried their p90's ,hot classic tele set and Rocksong humbuckers and found them very good.When fitted they make the stock pickups in guitars like Squier ,epi ,etc sound crap .Tonerider are not rebadged Artec they are better quality IMHO .


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          I can recommend GFS and Tonerider. I have a set of the the GFS Vintage 59s and the Tonerider Rocksongs. Both really good PAF clones. I haven't tried their single coil pickups, but I've heard good things about them. I have a set of the GFS 'blowout' overwound Strat pickups...these aren't GFS made, but a mystery brand that Jay offers. Pretty damn good for the $17 or so I paid for them.

          Keep in mind that a lot guitar players change pickups like underwear...you can find used pickups in the Emporium or on the Bay. It's easy to find Duncan, Gibson, DiMarzio, etc. pickups at lower prices.
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            Much if not all of the GFS line is made by Artec. Though that does not absolutely mean they're just rebranded off the shelf. With the amount of inventory Jay moves, I'm positive they build some stuff to spec. I've tried quite a few different GFS pickups and everything has been absolutely usable. Whether or not they sound great, good, or God awful will be based around your specific guitar and tonal tastes...
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              Having disassembled some GFS pickups, I can say with certainty that some are made by Artec. It's stamped into the bottom of the bobbins. But they are made to GFS specs.


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                thanks guys lots of infos.. hmm i've heard of GFS being sold here in our place but i never heard the Tonerider.. well i think ill be canvassing the price of GFS.. coz the price of artec here is 15-20$ per pickup depends on the class/model..
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                  I bought an artec hot rails strat size pickup, and the artec tone switch..(they both had reasonable reviews) Both were unusable and I stripped them out. The pickup was muddy and low in volume compared to a Chinese strat pickup and the switch was very noisy and clicked and made thumping noises between each position. I would advise no-one to buy anything at all from this maker. For me, a total waste of money.