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Profile Electric guitar....anyone got any info on this brand ???


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  • Profile Electric guitar....anyone got any info on this brand ???

    Hi all ,

    I bought a Profile electric guitar yesterday at a second hand thrift store for 49 bucks, and its nice, real straight wide neck, very playable...

    Its looks kinda like a jackson or an Ibanez with its pointy headstock and shark tooth triangle neck inlays, and locking nut.

    its got two single coils, and a humbucker pickup at the bridge, and three small toggle switches to control them, and just two pots,,, oh and its metalic grey/silvery in color (not my favorite color in guitars but for 50 bucks i can live with it ..lol) ...

    [COLOR="red"]SO anyone know anything at all about Profile guitars ?, company history?, who makes or made them? etc...anything ?....

    I did a google search and didnt find much, some were saying samick made them , while others said they were cheap models made by ovation/kramer ... when i do a picture search for it on google i get a lot of images of ibanez electrics, so that got me wondering if maybe ibanez had something to do with them maybe (Im probably wrong on that guess though ) .

    sorry i have no pics of it.