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  • Supro superman - is alive and kicking

    Hopefully i'll be indulging in some GFS blems in a while, as well as some other GFS goodies, guitars and gadgets....

    I just got a decent job a couple weeks ago, am still paying off debts at the moment , but hopefully in a while (god willing) i will be enough in the clear to be able to indulge in some long wanted GFS toys, and gadgets... (although i did get reckless and buy a 50 dollar axe at a second hand shop yesterday , it was a deal too good to pass up...my bad ..lol )

    Oh its so darn nice to be working again, and nicer to be able to buy some real food for a change too,,,im so sick of eating only friggin Sooji day after day(yuk, yuk, double yuk,,,but hey it kept me fed when i hadnt enough money for anything else, so cheap indian sooji aint so bad after all i guess ... still eating it without milk or sugar day in and day out, and yuk just about sums it up...lol ) .

    I still aint got my own PC up and running yet, still having some issues with my electricity company (they are money grubbing A-holes...as if we didnt all know that anyway...lol )

    yours Supro super(im back and kicking) man.....thank god, finally a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel as they say,,,, fingers crossed ,,,,

    Oh and PS - my very deepest best hopes for all of you out there who are looking for work, I know how hard it is, and i really do wish the very best of luck to those of you who are also undergoing hard times and struggling to get by day to day ... dont ever give up, I did give up for a while and that was a mistake, its hard but just keep trying and trying and trying even more if you have too...

    best wishes all.
    yours B.

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    Way to go! Kick some ass.

    We're not in Kansas anymore.


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      Way to go! Kick some ass.


      thanks Elias, nice to hear from you again , and i will kick some butt too, so to speak,,, never thought id be so happy as i am these days to hear an alarm clock go off and wake me at 5 in the morning for work...lol..


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        Congrats! And mojo to all those still looking.
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          I've been unemployed 8 of the last 12 months myself. I started a good contract job last week and I'm hoping they'll keep me around when first quarter money comes around. It's been a tough year on a lot of us, and those of us who are finally working again have a new appreciation for it The pain has made us stronger right?

          I second your sentiment on not giving up. The job hunt sucks, but you gotta keep at it. Mojo to anyone else who's been scraping by lately.
          Can't wait to see a new build thread Supro
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          Originally Posted by klrbee03

          I play guitar for fun, and I don't think its fun to suck


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            The pain has made us stronger right?


            yes in a way it has made me a bit i guess stronger in some regards, and opened my eyes up a bit about some other things in life , some good things and some not so good,,,,, but as they say you do learn who's there for you, and too appreciate them alot more too...


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              It's tough all over. My income is 60% what it was two years ago. There are many who can't find anything, so I'm not gonna bitch too much about it.
              You're right about the alrm clock...it is a blessing and a curse.

              We're not in Kansas anymore.


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                Congrats! I'm still looking (sorta).
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                Originally Posted by Mike Fiasco

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