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WTF? I hear Krashpad's fightin' cancer!


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  • WTF? I hear Krashpad's fightin' cancer!

    Fight like hell and **************** that monster.

    Forum looks weird on an unrelated note.
    Hey, Cancer! **************** You!

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    If this is so, best wishes and tons of mojo to you Brian!!!!
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      Mojo sent, Krashpad.

      Keep on rockin!
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        God bless you Krashpad!
        "No one ever goes to heaven deservingly
        and no one ever goes to hell unwillingly."
        -CS Lewis


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          I haven't been paying enough attention to Facebook recently, just noticed it. I normally save my best wishes for the people I really do care for, and Brian's a good'un, so here's a healthy load of heartfelt wishes and whatnot for the old rocker.


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            He's been hanging around the "Gassers and Gearheads" thread quite a bit. He named the tumor Rutherford and Rutherford turned out to be a real bastard. Much mojo to Brian and his family.


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              Damn! First I've heard of this because were not tight like that, but Krashpad, man, you're one of the good guys here. Much mojo to you, sir.
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              Originally Posted by ashasha

              I find that it's just cheaper to turn my **************** up louder.


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                that blows, I had no idea!

                Mojo for a really awesome guy. You'll be in my prayers Brian.
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                  **************** Brian. Prayers sent.
                  THE MAZI BEE MILITIA


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                    mojo sent to Krashpad!

                    JJ - don't be such a damn stranger, dude! where the hell have you been?


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                      Damn... mega dose of mojo sent to Brian.
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                        Yeah, that's correct.

                        Thanks guys.

                        I had a small tumor on a tonsil and a couple spots on some adjoining lymph nodes. So the tonsil and 20 lymph nodes on my left side are gonesville, baby. As of 11/18. I went into the surgery with everyone convinced that the lump on my neck was a cyst, since I don't smoke and a needle biopsy incorrectly or incompletely showed no malignancy. In fact, I put the surgery off for a month because I had a bunch of shows during October with the various rock bands and the church band.

                        Haha, surprise!

                        Spent this morning dropping almost 5 Benjamins on dental work that had to be done before they can zap my neck with radiation. The ray gun treatment will be once every weekday, and may start this Thursday (have a final dry run for ray gun alignment Wed.). I'm also doing chemo, but I only have to go in once a week to drink the magic kool-aid. That may start tomorrow. They've said that this is not the same type that makes one nauseous. Also, shouldn't have any hair loss except for my beard on the side that they're shooting. Great excuse to shave, though the missus likes the beard since it's come in white.

                        The tonsilectomy is pretty much healed internally, I haven't had any shows after the surgery but can sing again, at least to the same degree I could before, haha. Have quite the bosstastic neck scar like the Clint in "Hang 'Em High." The mark on my chest is for ray-gun alignment on Wednesday:

                        Zappage lasts for 6 weeks, chemo for 7-9.

                        Since this is kinda off-topic so far, here's a shot from my most recent Crash Pad show in October, featuring my Hamer Special:

                        Prognosis is very good, since I'm younger than average for this sorta thing, don't smoke, am relatively fit, and definitely not underweight (have lost 8 or 9 pounds and will probably lose another 10). By late February I'll be a lean mean rockin' machine!

                        Muchissimas gracias, amigos.

                        I post updates re all this crap in the GAS'ers & Gearheads thread here. Btw, good to read you again Pistols.
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                          Well, I feel a lot better than I did when I read the thread title, but am still concerned, of course.
                          I send you my very best wishes and most positive thoughts.


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                            Well, I feel a lot better than I did when I read the thread title, but am still concerned, of course.
                            I send you my very best wishes and most positive thoughts.


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                              Holy christ, sorry to hear that.
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