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Should there be a maximum age allowed for Rawking The Fark out!! ?


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  • Should there be a maximum age allowed for Rawking The Fark out!! ?

    I mean,at what age do you just start looking silly ?

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    I'd say after death you'd look pretty goofy.

    Unless you're in a zombie metal band, then death is a prerequisite.

    We're not in Kansas anymore.


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      ....this appears to be an attempt at putting in upper limits to baby boomer behaviour .....

      ....good luck Dave....
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      Originally Posted by Davo17

      You are A King Among Men.


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          I'll feed the troll...why not! oke:

          Rock is about attitude, not age.
          The ones who need cut off usually stand out from the crowd because they obviously spend more time trying to look good than sound good.

          "But, I've got everything on the check list!"
          "Look at these tattoos!"
          "Look at my $5,000 rig (that I bring to the local dive)!"
          "Look at the crowd of 20 drunken mullets who came out to cheer me on!"
          "I Rawk The Fark Out!!"

          ...sorry dude, you don't rock
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          Originally Posted by klrbee03

          I play guitar for fun, and I don't think its fun to suck


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            I mean,at what age do you just start looking silly ?

            There is an age, its just different for everybody. Its the age that when you look at those that bring the rawk, and laugh a little. I mean, a shirtless dude covered in tats in leather pants, eyeliner, and a cowboy hat was f*cking metal when I was 13, now it just looks like someone trying too hard.

            In all seriousness, its all good if it makes you happy.
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              Its all fine at any age on stage or in the studio, its outside in everyday life where seeing someone my age in tight leather pants, half open shirt, makeup and bandanna makes me want to puke.

              I mean parties are fine, but people like Brian Robertson sitting in a pub in basically his stage gear & make up are a no no.

              You can still look cool of stage without doing the whole "rock star" thang


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                Hey! You're back. The answer is 42.

                Aside from that, I have no doubt that your little worm will catch a big fish in time.
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                  Well if you believe in the afterlife there are no limits...
                  > .


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                    You aren't there yet, Dave. Keep on keeping on.
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                      Yes, 27. After that you look stupid. Therefore, I look really really stupid.
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                        Depends, in no small part on the style of music. You can't pull off punk or metal past a certain age, you just start looking like a middle-aged accountant, except you're wearing makeup and leather pants. But you still look like a middle-aged accountant. When the Stones did their "Steel Wheels" tour, I always thought the name was rather unfortunate because looking at Mick and the boys you couldn't help but think of wheelchairs.

                        For blues, OTOH, there is no upper age limit. An 80-year-old blues man looks perfectly natural.


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                          In my band we are: 46, 45, 42, 39, 36 all old farts. And we'll rawk your head off. We love blowing away the kids on stage with our sheer volume and power! lol
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                            When Jeff Beck looks silly, that's the age


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                              No but there should be a minimum age.