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I did it again... Twice! NGD! (ESP and Gibson content)


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  • I did it again... Twice! NGD! (ESP and Gibson content)

    So, always wanted a Gibson Flying V. Finally decided to get one (even though I already bought 3 guitars during the autumn ), and being a sucker for ebony boards I went with the white one (the others have rosewood boards).

    Pimped it out rather heavily; Bareknuckle Miracle Man/Nailbomb combo with black covers, TonePros locking bridge and tailpiece, Sperzel locking tuners. I also found this funky metal pickguard on ebay that I had to have. So far so good, this was a planned purchase after all, even though it cost a little more then I had planned.

    Then today I saw an ESP Eclipse at a local guitar store. Always liked ESPs, kinda figured I'd get one someday. This was the CTS 1 FT, meaning the more Gibson-like horn in full LP thickness (55mm). It was used, but in sweet condition.

    So out of the blue I start thinking that I should buy it. Just like that. God knows I don't need more guitars, I have 9 already. And it's not exactly a cheap guitar, even slightly used. But it's gorgeous. Ebony board as well. Binding both front and back. I tell myself that should I need to sell it I won't make much of a loss, just look at it as an investment.

    15 minutes later I walk out with it in a nice ESP hardcase, slightly confused and wondering "what did I just do?".

    I think I might need professional help...

    I'm afraid some washed-out cell phone pics are all you get, for some reason I can't afford a proper camera...

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    Happy New Guitars Day! I am diggin' the pickgaurd on that V.

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      Double congrats!

      (o)(o) (o)(o)
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        That ESP is sexy. HNGsD
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          Originally Posted by ashasha

          I find that it's just cheaper to turn my **************** up louder.


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            Ok...you are a man of fine taste in guitars.
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            Originally Posted by StankNasty

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              i love my gibby v in black, i always wanted a white one too (metallica fan right hurr)
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              Originally Posted by B.Renegades

              I suppose a 1 channel amp would be good if you listened to only one kind of music.

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                Happy NGD x2!!!
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                  Man, I love that pickguard on the V!!!!!
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                    HNGD! I too am digging the V pick guard...nice choice.
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                      congratulations x 2!
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                        i wish white V's had white headstocks, it never bothers me when i see it in person... just in pictures for some reason (is that weird?)

                        sweet ESP, man, thats a sweet find.
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                        Originally Posted by donnie_combat

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                          i wish white V's had white headstocks, it never bothers me when i see it in person... just in pictures for some reason (is that weird?)

                          sweet ESP, man, thats a sweet find.

                          Thanks guys, real happy with both of them. Great guitars!

                          And no, I'm the same way! White headstock with a black truss rod cover would look nicer.


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                            you've turned that into a really interesting V, fantastic pickup choice, i bet it sounds like a musical earthquake. The pickguard is a cool one, i've never seen them before. I didn't like it at first but it's grown on me. Nice Eclipse too, those things are so to play.


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                              Those are two beautiful guitars!
                              I like what you did to the Flying V also. Great taste in pimping.
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