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  • HNGD: Flamey Epi SG

    I've been waiting on a good deal for a Kona or a flametop SG, and finally...

    Plays great, sounds awesome! Woot! -Adam
    Originally Posted by nicholai

    He seems to like bacon a lot......

    Originally Posted by Luigi

    Jesus probably doesn't love everyone, especially ****************************s. He probably wants to punch them but He won't. That's what makes him Jesus.

    Originally Posted by GuitarNoobie

    ...we should be talking about the national debt, the number of incarcerated citizens in this country(the prison industrial complex), the military industrial complex, the so called war on drugs and corporations/banks that are running over people and buying our politicians...

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    Woot! That's purdy!
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    Originally Posted by ashasha

    I find that it's just cheaper to turn my **************** up louder.


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      Theres only two kinds of music HEAVY and METAL!!!!!


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        Happy New SG Day! Go forth and

        It is not what you play, but THAT you play.


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          HC GREAT WHITE OUT SURVIVOR 2012 , RIP those that didnt make it.
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          QUOTE=midnightlaundry Your ****************************, no help reply is exactly why I hate this board.
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          Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

          Watch out, there are some terribly bothersome trolls around here.


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              Pretty cool. HNGD
              Originally Posted by Hopeless

              I wouldn't recommend them for metal, but then I also wouldn't recommend playing metal.

              Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

              When you've founded an entire branch of science dedicated to quantifying taste, get back to me.


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                Oh yeah, I remember seeing that model a while ago and thought they were pretty slick looking. I recently bought an Epi G-400 w Maestro Trem myself and I had one BB Pro bridge kicking around so I ordered another one for the neck at the same time I bought the guitar. Lately it's been one of my favorite guitars to reach for. I usually wouldn't recommend the BB Pro for an SG, but I'd seen Gibson use them on a couple models so I wanted to give that mix a try. Generally I'd prefer a BB 1 & 2 combo, but I'm enjoying the extra brightness or edgie chime that the slightly more aggressive Alnico V magnets have brought to this guitar whether played clean or with OD.
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                Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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                  Looks sweet! Will Ray ( Hellacasters. MONSTER player) had a series of eBay articles in Guitar Player awhile back. He scored an Epi G-400 and raved about it. Is yours a G-400? I don't REALLY NEED another guitar, I successfully fought a Gretsch and Melody Maker GAS recently. However, Clapton's live tone on Wheels of Fire ( Yeah, I know Disraeli Gears too) was a 'Bucker fitted SG. Righteous! Could a G-400 with appropriate pup upgrade get me close?


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                    Very cool; looks nice. HNGD!
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                        Beautiful! Great flame, great burst. And small pick guard to show it all off.
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